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How to get past “not wanting” to write (if only I knew)

There’s nothing worse than being afraid of the thing you live to do, the thing you exist for. Writing may not (yet) be how I make my living, but it always has been, and probably always will be, who I am, an integral part of my existence. I couldn’t ever see myself not being a writer, unless someone paid me never to write again, and even that would probably never happen (c’mon, I’m not that easily bought. I hope).

But writing means sitting down with my thoughts, and that is pretty terrifying. I have several projects going at the moment (ADD at its finest), and while working on them (and one day completing them) is something I want to do, it’s also something I don’t want to do. Because writing means dredging up the past, and reliving the bad parts is just not something I’m eager to do. I know it’s a part of healing and letting go (and it’s definitely a necessary part of my writing process) but bringing up memories of the things you’ve done and had done to you, and the people you used to know isn’t always easy or fun.

I often wonder what would happen to me if I didn’t write. Would my thoughts just back up into my brain until they explode? Would I go on living my life exactly as I have all along, unchanged? I’m constantly in a battle with myself over what to do: to write or not to write. Obviously the answer is to write, so I guess the better question is to ask: how do I go about doing it in a way that isn’t going to completely destroy me? How do I write about the things that used to tear me apart inside without letting it tear me apart inside now? How do you keep the old you from seeping back in and taking over the new, much less stressed, much less anxious, much less neurotic you?

I’m hoping I find the answers to my questions. Because to not write is to not be who I really am. To not write is to deny myself the satisfaction of doing what I know and love. To not write is to deprive you, my devoted readers, of my hilarious and sarcastically-delivered stories of randomness and idiocy. And let’s face it, that would just be criminal.

Now it’s off to tackle the thing I love and hate more than anything in this world: writing.



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How I would want to be shipwrecked, or lost to sea (and a brief book review in between)

So I read Life of Pi and watched the movie version in about the course of two days (which is impressive for the book, not the movie; who takes two days to watch a movie?) and, while it’s not something I’d go around hoping to have happen, I think it would be somewhat interesting to be shipwrecked as Pi was, especially in the manner and specific circumstances he endured.

I’ve never really come close to anything super tragic in life, that I can remember. I was in a car accident once, which I wrote about here (and was shortly thereafter totally blowing up on Freshly Pressed, which, for you fellow WordPressians, you know how much of a big deal that is), and I broke my arm pretty badly when I was a teenager, which sucked and completely ruined the end of my freshman year of high school (but what can you do? I became RoboJulie 3,000 and had to spend the next few months at home with my arm in a machine) but neither of those experiences were truly life-threatening, end-of-the-world-type ordeals (though they may have seemed so at the time). So the idea of experiencing something (and surviving, hopefully) as life-changing as what Pi did (which, the jury is still out on whether it’s a true story or not; the author makes it seem like it is, but everything else I’ve heard leads me to believe it’s fiction so who knows) is not necessarily appealing but definitely intriguing.

1024x1024 life of pi 13I can’t decide firstly if I’d want to be lost to sea or simply shipwrecked on an island (think Tom Hanks in Castaway). They each obviously have their pros and cons; if you’re lost at sea, you have a higher risk of being eaten, swallowed up by a storm or simply dying of thirst.

You also have a higher chance of being found, in my opinion. If you drift long enough (227 days, in Pi’s case), eventually you will be discovered by a boat, or reach land (hopefully the shores of some place densely populated and non-cannibalistic). If you’re stuck in one place, like Tom Hanks (and Wilson), unless search parties know exactly where to be looking for you (which they didn’t in his case), you’re basically screwed. You’re screwed either way, but that’s besides the point.

Of course, your chances for survival also depend on your circumstances up to the point, and even after, your ship (or plane) crashes. Pi got lucky that his lifeboat was so well-equipped with supplies; he probably would have died of thirst long before he could even consider being eaten by Richard Parker (who, for those who haven’t read it, is NOT a cannibal-man, but a Bengal tiger).

If he hadn't tried to leave the island, he never would have lost Wilson. Makes me cry e'rytime.

If he hadn’t tried to leave the island, he never would have lost Wilson. Makes me cry e’rytime.

Although, (spoiler alert), if I’d just lost my entire family to a shipwreck, and had no real chance of going back to the home and people I once knew, I probably would have hung out a little longer on the only island I happened to stumble upon (even if it was a carnivorous one). If I shipwrecked onto an island initially, I probably would have just stayed there. If someone wanted to find me, they could, but when you have a pal as great a listener as Wilson, who needs real people? I never really liked people that much anyway, though, so that could have something to do with it.


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5 improvements to airport traveling (that they should put into effect immediately)

I think I can speak for most people when I say that traveling is one of the most enjoyable pastimes there is. Unless you are a crabby, old hermit who hates human interaction and never leaves their dilapidated, hoarder-level, cave-of-a-home, you are a normal human being who likes to travel to new places and see and experience new things.

Thanks to a great semester abroad, in which I did absolutely no school work (really, it’s a joke those credits even counted at all), I’ve traveled all over Europe and a bit of Africa. I’ve been up and down the East Coast (for you non-Americans reading this-oh,  hey New Caledonia- that’s the east coast of the U.S.) and I’ve hit Mexico and several islands in the Caribbean, thanks to family vay-kays and cruises with my friends. Although I’ve never been to Canada, which is weird, because I grew up in the Northeast, but whatever. Besides the point.

But in all my traveling, I’ve never been impressed with airports or airlines and their level of hospitality. Overall, the luxury of flying versus driving/boating/biking/walking to a destination is pretty great in and of itself, so I should probably just end this post here and stop complaining. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel in the first place, right? But we all know that’s not going to happen, because I don’t know how to keep my big mouth shut. So, here are a few things they (whoever “they” are) should consider modifying when it comes to airport travel.

Could those pretzels be any tinier? I think there were about 5 in the bag.

Bigger portions/more food. Seriously, what is up with the portion size or altogether lack of food available on airplanes? I’m paying several hundred dollars to get a seat in what’s basically a glorified sardine can and you can’t even give me a proper bag of pretzels? I mean I guess it’s better than nothing, but giving me a miniature bag of what I can only assume is food made for elves and midgets is going to do nothing except elicit in me a deeper, more insatiable hunger. And if my flight is long enough, and you don’t give me a sandwich or something more than two peanuts, I may have to resort to quietly gnawing on your face.

Clocks. I know they are basically irrelevant since the invention of the cell phone, but that doesn’t mean public areas, like, you know, an airport, shouldn’t have a clock or two. Or three. I have never once seen a clock in any airport I’ve ever been in, and I’ve been in quite a variety of airports. Actually, no, I take that back. I think I saw one in Egypt, but that hardly counts. Their idea of customs is a large jumble of people milling around a single counter like cows waiting for dinner. No disrespect, I love Egypt. But their airports could use an upgrade. Just saying.

More efficient boarding procedures. I had a lovely chat with a man on a flight once who told me they used to board planes from the back to the front. Why they ever stopped doing that is beyond me. Probably to make first class passengers feel more special, but tough shit, you already get nicer seats and better in-flight service, so shut your mouth, you can wait an extra ten minutes to board so us coach passengers can get situated in the back first. It makes more sense anyway; if I was chilling up in first class, I wouldn’t want a bunch of lowly coach passengers pushing past me on their way to their seats, bumping me with their oversized luggage (which is always over regulation size limits), coughing right near my face and spreading god only knows what kind of germs (I swear, airplanes are incubators for disease, doesn’t matter how healthy I am before I board, as soon as my flight is over I’m retching and writhing with some illness they haven’t even named yet). In fact, there are about four people coughing on my flight at this exact moment as I’m typing. Basically hacking up a lung all over my keyboard. Thanks for that, asshole.

Free Wi-Fi. I understand everything costs money these days (unless you’re living in my utopian society where everything is free, in which case money is irrelevant), but it hardly seems fair that you can’t even get free internet when you travel. Most airports nowadays offer some form of free Wi-Fi (which usually means you’ll be operating on internet slower than dial-up), but don’t count on getting any free Wi-Fi once you’re on board and in the air. You’d think for how expensive travel is and how overpriced everything at the airport is, they’d at least let you surf the web for free. Pipe dreams.

Actual in-flight entertainment. It isn’t really up to the airline to entertain you during your flight. With all the gadgets out there to play with and hundreds of years worth of brilliant literature to read, it’s almost unnecessary to provide any additional in-flight entertainment. But if you’re going to put TVs on airplanes and provide in-flight entertainment, make sure it’s actually entertainment. Seriously, what happened to showing movies on planes? No one really wants to watch the TV shows they broadcast, and we certainly don’t care about the obscure and odd clips they show randomly in between episodes. If you’re going to provide televised entertainment, just make sure you do it right.

Now that I’ve sufficiently complained about my current airport experience and my flight has landed me back home, I think it’s time to book another flight for my next vacation.


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Can’t sleep? Write a blog post

It’s surprising how many good ideas come to me in the middle of the night, while I’m laying in bed trying to fall back asleep after waking up to use the bathroom or get a drink or be an insomniac. Usually I resist the temptation to get out of bed and write it down somewhere, for fear of throwing off the potential of falling back into a deep slumber, but there comes a point when it’s no longer logical to lay in the dark, wide-eyed, with no hope of ever feeling tired again, ignoring all the exceptionally creative ideas flooding my brain. Since I rarely have good ideas, and I’m only becoming more and more awake (and strangely, very hungry), I decided tonight is one of those nights I’ll actually pull myself from the covers and pursue my latest idea.

When I Googled "can't sleep" this is what came up. Yup, that about sums it up.

First off, let me say how super annoying it is to wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. Sure, I had to go to the bathroom and I was basically dying of thirst until about 20 minutes ago, but neither one of those things truly warranted my being startled awake into excruciating restlessness. Those things could have waited until morning just like every other night. But no. Instead I get to lay here in the dark listening to the voice inside my head talking about how annoying it is I can’t fall back asleep. Is it because I didn’t drink enough before I went to sleep, and now my body is dying without hydration to the point of shocking me to life again? Is it because I didn’t turn the air down before I went to bed and now my profuse sweating has interrupted my beauty sleep? Is it because I’m subconsciously thinking about all the things I want to do tomorrow? I could go on with a list of a hundred and one reasons why I’m awake right now, but all of them suck, because all of them mean I’m not asleep right now.

Of course, now that I’m sitting here in the dark, staring at my laptop’s annoyingly bright screen, I feel my eyes becoming heavy with sleep again and my brain shutting down.

But no, I refuse to give in after making such a big to-do about actually “waking” up to write this blog post. I wouldn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish. Besides, who really needs to sleep, anyway?

So now, on to my new post.


Wait, what was my idea again?


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Life after Freshly Pressed

I remember a time when hitting 50 views in one day used to make me burst with joy. When getting three or four likes or one or two comments made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, I feel numb to the idea of getting so elated over something so miniscule. And I have being Freshly Pressed to thank for it.

Who could ever be satisfied again after that all-time high? I mean really, c'mon now.

Now don’t get me wrong. Being Freshly Pressed was probably one of the greatest moments in my life, aside from being published on Living Green Magazine and twice on United Press International. Actually, come to think of it, I think being Freshly Pressed beat even those accomplishments. Because reporting, while exciting and interesting, is a different medium than blogging. While I always keep my news articles focused on a topic I love, there is still a general guideline for how they’re reported on, how they’re written, how they’re published and so on and so forth. But blogging, blogging can be anything you want it to be. There are no limits (unless it’s actually your job and someone pays you to write on specific topics, but who likes to get paid, anyway?). So to log into WordPress one day and stumble upon the fact that my blog post, MINE, was chosen out of thousands of others to grace the front page of Freshly Pressed made me fall out of my chair. Literally.

But now, months after the excitement has settled down and me and my blog have disappeared back into oblivion, the build up and anticipation caused by three insanely responsive days in a row has led me to feel shell-shocked. Logging into my stats now gives me a lump in my throat and a heavy heart.

So, to ward off the despair, I’ve decided the only solution is to be Freshly Pressed from here forward. Because I’m becoming severely depressed by such mediocre blog stats. I mean really, how does one stand it?


Oo, I just got another view on my blog! ::dances::

Up to 20 views today, WHAT. How you like me now?!

Gotta go, I have better things to do than continue this blog post. Like go obsess over my stats. Why is the page taking so long to refresh?!


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