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To Write Is

To write is

to shut myself off from the world

No distractions to ease my mind

to quiet the noise inside my


just my blaring thoughts deafening the

silence, the

dull sound of

pen on paper.

To write is

to welcome the demons

that live in my soul,

an open invitation to dredge up the


They are free to run rampant,

to bring back the

worry, the

anxiety, the

shame, the


To write is

to be alone with my thoughts.

And that scares me to death.


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Shark attacks obviously = a bunch of random body parts underwater

While I was laying in bed last night, I had a strange thought come to me (as they often do, honestly, I’ve since given up trying to understand how my brain works and why it thinks up the random and obscure crap that it does). I decided to share it with my boyfriend (who was just about to fall asleep next to me, and probably GREATLY appreciated me interrupting his slumber with my weird thoughts), but didn’t really get to explore it as much as I would have preferred. I wondered (aloud), when a shark attacks a person and removes a limb, what happens to the limb? Assuming it isn’t swallowed and digested.

But I know sharks don’t like the taste of human flesh, so I’d imagine they wouldn’t ingest it. Which makes me wonder what happens to it? Is the limb recovered? Because if I had a body part ripped off by a shark, and it didn’t eat it, I’d want it back if possible, y’know, in hopes of reattaching it and stuff.

This is clearly what it looks like underwater after a shark attack.

This is clearly what it looks like underwater after a shark attack.

Or if it isn’t recovered, where does it go? Does it just sink to the bottom of the ocean to be feasted upon by millions of marine organisms? I picture the ocean floor littered with various arms and legs, a graveyard of useless limbs. Eventually the “meat” would be eaten or dissolve, leaving only a broken, severed bone behind. Which then makes me wonder if scuba divers ever encounter a random human bone underwater. As a diver myself, I think it would be a little off-putting (although also a little AWESOME) to stumble across human remains underwater. I know I’m a weirdo for thinking any of this, and even less appealing as a normal person for putting it in digital form for millions to read and judge, but I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass.

Plus I had to share, how could I not? I mean really, where do all those severed shark attack pieces even go?!

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Can’t sleep? Write a blog post

It’s surprising how many good ideas come to me in the middle of the night, while I’m laying in bed trying to fall back asleep after waking up to use the bathroom or get a drink or be an insomniac. Usually I resist the temptation to get out of bed and write it down somewhere, for fear of throwing off the potential of falling back into a deep slumber, but there comes a point when it’s no longer logical to lay in the dark, wide-eyed, with no hope of ever feeling tired again, ignoring all the exceptionally creative ideas flooding my brain. Since I rarely have good ideas, and I’m only becoming more and more awake (and strangely, very hungry), I decided tonight is one of those nights I’ll actually pull myself from the covers and pursue my latest idea.

When I Googled "can't sleep" this is what came up. Yup, that about sums it up.

First off, let me say how super annoying it is to wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. Sure, I had to go to the bathroom and I was basically dying of thirst until about 20 minutes ago, but neither one of those things truly warranted my being startled awake into excruciating restlessness. Those things could have waited until morning just like every other night. But no. Instead I get to lay here in the dark listening to the voice inside my head talking about how annoying it is I can’t fall back asleep. Is it because I didn’t drink enough before I went to sleep, and now my body is dying without hydration to the point of shocking me to life again? Is it because I didn’t turn the air down before I went to bed and now my profuse sweating has interrupted my beauty sleep? Is it because I’m subconsciously thinking about all the things I want to do tomorrow? I could go on with a list of a hundred and one reasons why I’m awake right now, but all of them suck, because all of them mean I’m not asleep right now.

Of course, now that I’m sitting here in the dark, staring at my laptop’s annoyingly bright screen, I feel my eyes becoming heavy with sleep again and my brain shutting down.

But no, I refuse to give in after making such a big to-do about actually “waking” up to write this blog post. I wouldn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish. Besides, who really needs to sleep, anyway?

So now, on to my new post.


Wait, what was my idea again?


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