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5 should-be requirements to run for president

When the RNC came to town last week, I felt compelled to watch “the baseball glove’s” closing speech (that, and my boyfriend made me). Unsurprisingly, the entire broadcast made me hate politicians that much more (not to mention lose some serious respect for Dirty Harry). I’ve realized the more I watch and follow the politics in this country, and even abroad, the less hope I have for humanity. It’s astounding how much faith we put in politicians. I understand the pressures of being in such a position are extreme and it’s usually easier said than done to follow through on the promises they’ve made us, but quite frankly I’m tired of listening to these egotistical buffoons going on about all the things they will do for us if we elect them into office and then never seeing any follow-through. With the presidental election looming, it’s more apparent than ever that there needs to be a set of obvious requirements the candidates must meet before even being considered to run for office. These requirements should overrule any other conditions involved in determining eligibilty, because, if you can’t meet these simple conditions, I don’t want you running my country. Here are several big ones:

Vote for me. Even a rabid panda would be more successful as president (and yes, that is my head).

1. A presidential candidate must know how many states make up the U.S. This one should be pretty obvious. If you don’t know how many states you’re presiding over, how are you supposed to accurately and positively impact them? Maybe everyone makes mistakes and miscommunicates their thoughts but you’re the president, you’re not allowed to make mistakes.

2. A presidential candidate must be able to produce valid proof of citizenship. I’m still unconvinced of our current prez’s “claimed” place of birth, so this is something that should be worked out before they even enter the race. I’m sorry, but if that’s even a question, if there’s even a shadow of a doubt as to where you came from, you probably shouldn’t be nominated.

3. A presidential candidate must have at least a high school level vocabulary. Maybe it was funny when Bush did it (though, as an English and writing major, I was never laughing), but even with a teleprompter and endless writers at your disposal, you still need to communicate correctly.

4. A presidential candidate must remain humble. No one wants an egotistical butthead running their country, telling them what to do. This one is tough to validate, because few politicians are humble, but this requirement could be waived if they prove worthy in other areas.

5. A presidential candidate must always keep the nation’s best interest in mind. Even if they pass 1-4, it’s very unlikely (at least in recent years) that the president will ever truly put what’s best for us ahead of his own agenda. Which brings me full circle to my original argument that no politician ever keeps their word. So basically we’re all screwed. I think I’ll vote for myself this election.



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SlutWalk gaining ground internationally

I’m disappointed I missed the Tampa SlutWalk.

The positive, anti-rape rally has been spreading like wildfire since the beginning of the year, when Toronto Police Const. Michael Sanguinetti told a personal security class at York University that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Since Sanguinetti’s appalling remarks, women and men alike have been taking to the streets to protest the idea that dressing more provocatively or “sluttier” than others makes it acceptable to be targeted for sexual violence.

And earlier today, the SlutWalk finally came to Tampa, Fla. The rallies, which have occurred throughout the U.S. and Canada, aim to eliminate the negative notions that some women deserve to be raped because they’re ‘asking for it’ by dressing certain ways. Each march also succeeds in educating people of the severity of sexual violence by allowing rape victims to speak out and share their experiences. It’s time to stop making excuses for rape, stop blaming the victims and bring more awareness to this serious issue.

The footage of the event is great, with about half the participants dressed “slutty” and most of them carrying signs with varying sayings, all supporting the same message: that rape is unacceptable, no matter what someone decides to wear.

Among the many signs, some of my favorites include:

“Men are sluts too…do we rape them?”

“If I was asking for it, you’d know”

“Yes means ‘F*ck me’ No means ‘F*ck you'”

“This is NOT my ‘I want you’ face”

“The way I dress is NOT a yes”

“Don’t tell me how to dress, tell them not to rape”

“Consent is sexy”

I especially loved the parents who brought their kids out. One little girl carried a sign that read “Daddy taught me no means no” while another walked proudly in her “no always means no” t-shirt.

This is a very serious issue, and it’s about time we started getting proactive. I only hope the march comes back to Tampa soon so I can participate and show my support.

Anyone able to make it today? Or to walks elsewhere?

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