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The only thing that matters

Before, it didn’t matter what I


Or how long it took

Or how good it sounded

It only mattered that I


It wasn’t about how many poems I could

crank out

Or how many syllables I

sounded out

Or how many blank pages I filled up.

It only mattered that I let the words spill from my brain to my

pen to

Ink stained on paper.

It wasn’t about how I could one-up someone else

Or if I was the best

Or if I was even someone

to begin with.

It didn’t matter if people liked what I had to say and it

didn’t matter if anyone read it

at all.

The only thing that mattered was that I wrote.


I’m starting to think I liked it better that way.



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To Write Is

To write is

to shut myself off from the world

No distractions to ease my mind

to quiet the noise inside my


just my blaring thoughts deafening the

silence, the

dull sound of

pen on paper.

To write is

to welcome the demons

that live in my soul,

an open invitation to dredge up the


They are free to run rampant,

to bring back the

worry, the

anxiety, the

shame, the


To write is

to be alone with my thoughts.

And that scares me to death.

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We are an infinite number of stars in the sky

We are a thousand sunsets no one ever sees but

the Sea

The waves lap the shore, the sand

Sticking to the empty spaces, the holes

Tugging the horizon to stretch and grow, to keep going, to never

Run out

Our eyes don’t see its end but we know it’s


and that’s alright

It lingers somewhere out of mind and

we’re okay with that

Because when the end comes

Even though we’re not ready to say


To the Sun

The Moon will rise to keep away the

Dark Hours

And the sun can finally sink and rest and

Blossom its fiery petals under the water,

the other side of the world

A sunset is temporary;

Though there’s sadness in

Letting Go

We know

We’ll see the sun again someday



-For V


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Do what makes you happy

So today was the last day of Poetry Club for the semester/remainder of the school year. It was definitely a bittersweet moment; while I don’t mind that the conclusion of clubs signifies the end of the school year, I will miss the fun times the students and I had over the course of the last few months. Though they are all still honing their craft (we’re talking 3rd and 5th graders here, nothing really monumental comes out of those years, unless you’re me), it’s evident that there is some talent in those kids and, if they continue to write, they could end up like some very talented writer whose name rhymes with Goolia. But for real, I really hope I inspired at least one of them (if not all of them, obviously) to continue writing and grow to love language the way it deserves to be loved. The way you love a kitten who never grows up and stays sweet and cuddly forever. Wait what?

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what you do in life, whether it be writing (although that’s the most important and noteworthy of all careers/passions, obviously), teaching, acting, administrative, whatever. The point is to do something that matters to you. Because, after all, it’s your life, so you might as well enjoy it. I know there have been times when I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing, or got sidetracked from an important project, but I’ve always tried to do what matters to me on a somewhat daily basis (even if no one’s paying me to do it just yet). Just find your niche and do what makes you happy. If it never matters to anyone but you, so what? I know it’s nice to be recognized for accomplishments in areas where you feel you excel, or even areas that you may suck in but thoroughly enjoy. But if you aren’t recognized in those areas, does that mean the world stops revolving? No, it doesn’t. So just live your life, enjoy yourself, stand for something that matters to you, do what you love, and above all else…

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The mindoverMadness Poetry Series: It’s Alright, Just Write

It’s Alright, Just Write

I just have to put these words on the page.

I just need to get something down in



Staring off into space

doesn’t help

It only adds more to my frustration.

A writer who can’t right

What kind of living is that?

The one thing you’re

good at


you can’t even do that


If you keep writing

the wrongs

Maybe you’ll get something


for once.

A shitty poem is better than

No poem.

No poem is

right if you can’t even

Right it.

All these writes and wrongs when it comes to


But who says you have to be right?

Just write.


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