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Boston marathon bombing one more reason we will never have world peace

It’s times like these that I’m reminded that we will never have world peace in this lifetime.

I know it’s a strong statement to make, but think about it: world peace means peace on Earth, it means there is no more fighting and no more wars and no more extremists going around blowing up innocent people who just wanted to partake in a normal community event such as a marathon.

It makes me sick to think that some people exist in this world for the sole purpose of bringing harm to others, people they’ve never met and don’t know at all. People who have families and friends and day jobs and dreams and goals, and maybe some debt they’re trying to pay off and maybe some issues they’re trying to work out but overall, these people are good-hearted, normal, everyday people who just want to enjoy their lives. And then some crazy person(s) with a bomb has to come along and screw all that up.

I wish I knew more about what goes on in the minds of people like this, because it really baffles me, truly. Maybe if I knew more about psychology and how the mind works I would comprehend a little more, but even then I think I’d still have a hard time rationalizing it.

It would be easy to write it off as insanity (because clearly someone demented enough to detonate a bomb in a crowd full of innocent people must be insane). But even after labeling the attack as insane, after declaring the attacker to be of unsound mind, even after locking them up and throwing away the key, the sad truth is someone else just like them is going to come along when no one is expecting it and do something equally f*cked up and begin the cycle all over again.

I’m not even trying to be my usual cynical self here (although I could understand how my negative outlook could be confused with pessimism); I’m simply ranting. I usually have a point or direction to most of my posts (random they may be), but I wouldn’t even know where to begin in this case. I would truly love to see world peace in my lifetime, but I’m not holding my breath. I can only hope one day I or my children (or my children’s children) will live in a world without psychotic people who get off by ruining the lives of everyone around them.

Wishful thinking.


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5 should-be requirements to run for president

When the RNC came to town last week, I felt compelled to watch “the baseball glove’s” closing speech (that, and my boyfriend made me). Unsurprisingly, the entire broadcast made me hate politicians that much more (not to mention lose some serious respect for Dirty Harry). I’ve realized the more I watch and follow the politics in this country, and even abroad, the less hope I have for humanity. It’s astounding how much faith we put in politicians. I understand the pressures of being in such a position are extreme and it’s usually easier said than done to follow through on the promises they’ve made us, but quite frankly I’m tired of listening to these egotistical buffoons going on about all the things they will do for us if we elect them into office and then never seeing any follow-through. With the presidental election looming, it’s more apparent than ever that there needs to be a set of obvious requirements the candidates must meet before even being considered to run for office. These requirements should overrule any other conditions involved in determining eligibilty, because, if you can’t meet these simple conditions, I don’t want you running my country. Here are several big ones:

Vote for me. Even a rabid panda would be more successful as president (and yes, that is my head).

1. A presidential candidate must know how many states make up the U.S. This one should be pretty obvious. If you don’t know how many states you’re presiding over, how are you supposed to accurately and positively impact them? Maybe everyone makes mistakes and miscommunicates their thoughts but you’re the president, you’re not allowed to make mistakes.

2. A presidential candidate must be able to produce valid proof of citizenship. I’m still unconvinced of our current prez’s “claimed” place of birth, so this is something that should be worked out before they even enter the race. I’m sorry, but if that’s even a question, if there’s even a shadow of a doubt as to where you came from, you probably shouldn’t be nominated.

3. A presidential candidate must have at least a high school level vocabulary. Maybe it was funny when Bush did it (though, as an English and writing major, I was never laughing), but even with a teleprompter and endless writers at your disposal, you still need to communicate correctly.

4. A presidential candidate must remain humble. No one wants an egotistical butthead running their country, telling them what to do. This one is tough to validate, because few politicians are humble, but this requirement could be waived if they prove worthy in other areas.

5. A presidential candidate must always keep the nation’s best interest in mind. Even if they pass 1-4, it’s very unlikely (at least in recent years) that the president will ever truly put what’s best for us ahead of his own agenda. Which brings me full circle to my original argument that no politician ever keeps their word. So basically we’re all screwed. I think I’ll vote for myself this election.


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Unnecessary sadness

So I’ve been having a heart attack since about 1030 last night. I went to log in to my blog and found that it was deactivated. I just about died right there on the spot.

I know no one really gives a rat butt about my blog- except for you, reading this right now, and my faithful followers, whom I am extremely grateful for and thankful to have, you guys rock for not only caring about but enjoying the Mad things I write about- but to me, my blog is my whole world (well, maybe not my WHOLE world, but a large portion of it).

So to find it was deactivated (that word still makes me shudder) for no apparent reason made me burst into tears and cry. And cry. And cry. And call my boyfriend and cry. And cry some more. Then go to bed and wake up this morning with puffy eyes (attractive).

To add to my misery, I woke up this morning to some generic email from WordPress saying (and I quote) “Your site was flagged by our automated anti-spam controls. I have reviewed your site and have removed the suspension notice. We are very sorry for that happening and the inconvenience it caused you.”

Inconvenience? How about you made me cry. I thought my life was literally over and the world was coming to an end (okay, maybe I wasn’t that melodramatic about it, but I still cried).

I hope this never happens to any of you. And I swear to god, if it ever happens to me again, I will go through the computer screen and strangle the automated anti-spam controls for being so retarded. You ruined my night, prevented me from enjoying a peaceful and fulfilling night’s sleep and caused me to look like poop today. More than anything, you took away something I love very dearly for no reason (did I mention there was no reason for this?).


In the end, my blog is back up and the world is at peace again (at least in my head). So now I can go back to my delusions that my blog is the coolest thing ever, you can go back to reading (or not reading) it, and the world can continue doing whatever it was doing before all this, because really, other than my boyfriend, who had to listen to me cry on the phone and did a good job of trying to calm me down and reassure me that it would be okay (you’re the best, Dan), no one else had a clue I was suffering such heartbreak.

So I hope this never happens to any of you. Because it sucks.

But if it does, please feel free to contact me. I will share in your misery and remind you that, more than likely, your blog will rise to the challenge, overcome those awful anti-spam bots and rise to be the magical blog it was destined to be.

Either that, or you’re screwed and your blog is kaput.

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Why I refuse to let the Costa Concordia scare me away from cruising (and why you should too)

Despite how tragic this is (not to mention how fake and photoshopped the picture looks), this isn't a good representation of how typical cruising goes down. Er, I mean how typical cruising happens (too soon for a pun).

In light of the recent tragedy in Italy, speculation is being raised about the safeness of cruising. It’s a valid concern, but society is letting a rare, albeit horrific, accident get the better of them. The cruise industry is sure to see some decline in numbers this year- or at least for the next few months- but recent events aside, cruising is not any more dangerous than it has been in the past. In fact, compared to the dangers we encounter in everyday life, cruising is safer than some activities we participate in on a daily basis.

You are more likely to die in a car crash. Automobiles are probably the most dangerous motorized vessel we could ever step foot in. Drivers on the roads these days have become more careless, and, thanks to technology, have displayed riskier behavior than in years past. Currently, texting while driving is outlawed in 27 states in the U.S., as well as the District of Columbia. While the remaining states are pushing to pass the law as well, having a law in effect doesn’t mean it will stop drivers from committing the act of texting while driving. In fact, more than ever, people are talking and texting while driving, with no fear of consequences. In 2010, there were over 32,000 automobile fatalities in the U.S. alone. Last year, there were less than 200 deaths on cruise ships, with less than half that number directly related to sinkings. The most notable crash of 2011, that of the Russian ship the Bulgaria, only contributed about 50 percent of the total death toll, putting death by cruising low on the scale of dangerous activities.

The odds are in your favor. Accidents happen. They are a part of life and are happening everyday all over the world. In fact, there’s probably an accident happening somewhere at this exact moment. But, with such low statistics surrounding cruise fatalities, the likelihood of your cruise ship sinking is slim to none.

Just a guess, but I don't think you'd survive that.

It’s better than flying to your vacation destination. If you’re in a “cruise crash,” you have a window of time to get yourself safely off the boat and to safety; however small or big the window may be, you still have that fighting chance. If you choose instead to fly to a destination, you face the risk of a plane crash. Planes are more likely to crash than a cruise is; flying leaves more room for error and, unlike a cruise crash, if you go down in a plane you have little to no chance of survival, especially depending on where you crash (or what you crash into).

There are probably a million other reasons to support the claim that cruising is no more dangerous now than it was last week, before the Costa Concordia went down. With the dangers we face on a daily basis, there’s no logical reason to keep yourself from enjoying life just on the off chance something bad might happen.

Besides, I have to keep reassuring myself of this, because I’m in the middle of planning a free cruise (right?! be jealous). So as long as I don’t end up with a bonehead captain- one who decides to not only go off course, but to abandon ship before everyone reaches safety- I should be in the clear.


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Why I will (probably) never run a yellow light again (and other insights into a first-time experience)

Car accidents suck.

We know this as fact because they’re a part of everyday life, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. We’re intrigued by them because we’re nosy, we want to know what happened, how it happened, who was involved, whether they’re okay or not. We want to have a part in helping, in saving someone or calming them down. For most of us, we never believe one will ever happen to us. We see them all the time, we hear the sirens and wonder where they’re going. We sit in traffic because of them. We drive by them, rubbernecking to get the best look. Sometimes we’re even (un)fortunate enough to witness one. But none of it compares to the reality of being in one.

I wish I could still say I’ve never been in a car accident. To still have the pride of knowing I’ve done everything I can as a driver to avoid a crash. But I know things happen, things we can’t plan for, things we never anticipated. You can’t have that many close calls without ever knowing what the real thing feels like.

It doesn’t happen like you think it would. There’s no slow-motion flashback of your life, no replay of all the things you’re going to miss if you die. You don’t even have time to react because by the time you realize what’s happening, it’s already over. Cue: aftershock.

I always thought the sound of two cars colliding was exactly how they portray it in the movies. That crunching sound when one car smashes into the other. But it’s nothing like that. I heard the screeching tires, his brakes working overtime to stop the impact; I don’t even remember seeing him. I just remember the popping sound of his front end meeting my right rear tire.

It’s kind of like popping a balloon. Or uncorking a loud bottle of champagne. It’s fast and loud and nothing like what I expected a car crash to sound like.

But it sure hurt like hell.

My poor baby. Fingers crossed they can put her back together again.

I would imagine side impacts hurt a lot worse than front or rear impacts. While hanging out in a neck brace, on a backboard in the ambulance, the EMT, who genuinely entertained my witty remarks and blubbering commentary, confirmed my beliefs (it would make sense that your body can’t get thrown sideways without a little residual pain. or a lot). Thankfully for me, I walked away with nothing but some seriously sore body parts (see: strained neck and bruised ribs), but it was more than enough to completely rock me to my core.

Even now, several days later, it still feels surreal, like it was a dream I had, or something I made up in my mind. I didn’t even scream- sure, in my head I was yelling “did I just get hit? was I in a car accident?!” but no words ever came out of my mouth. I didn’t even hit the brakes- I really didn’t need to, I guess. His car slammed me sideways and stopped me facing the wrong direction. My first thoughts were “did that just happen?”; my mind raced, not knowing what to do. My windshield wipers were going off; I couldn’t figure out how to turn them off. I didn’t know what to do, did I move my car out of the road? My first thought was to call my parents. Some nice man came over to see if I was okay, and I put him on the phone with my dad. Thank god for that guy, cause I was crying so hard I couldn’t get the words out: I was in a car accident.

It’s weird to analyze the thoughts that enter your head when you’ve had an accident. I didn’t want to move for fear of further injury, so I waited in my car for the ambulance. Looking around, I noticed there wasn’t any inside damage to my car; nothing had gotten thrown around much, there was no broken glass or jagged car parts jutting in at me. I thanked god I had dropped my laptop off at home before going back out; I would have been pissed if my computer had been busted. Same thing with my phone; surprisingly it was fine, everything was fine. The only thing that had fallen onto the ground was a check. I was anxious about that check. I didn’t want it to get lost or be left behind, and I couldn’t move to bend down and retrieve it. When the EMT came in on the passenger’s side, I kindly asked him to shove it in my purse. When my dad arrived (I explicitly demanded I not be taken to the hospital until he got there), he took my purse, and I finally stopped worrying someone was going to jack my stuff. Now all I had to worry about was the pain in my back and the bruises from my seatbelt.

I’d like to say being in a car accident has opened my eyes and changed my life- and maybe it would have moreso if it had been worse (though I’m very grateful it wasn’t). Yes, I treat driving a little differently than I used to. Yes, I’m a little more cautious of all the a-holes on the road. Yes, I value my life and hope I never have to go through this (or put anyone through this) again. Will I never run a yellow light again? Probably not.


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