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To Write Is

To write is

to shut myself off from the world

No distractions to ease my mind

to quiet the noise inside my


just my blaring thoughts deafening the

silence, the

dull sound of

pen on paper.

To write is

to welcome the demons

that live in my soul,

an open invitation to dredge up the


They are free to run rampant,

to bring back the

worry, the

anxiety, the

shame, the


To write is

to be alone with my thoughts.

And that scares me to death.


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We are an infinite number of stars in the sky

We are a thousand sunsets no one ever sees but

the Sea

The waves lap the shore, the sand

Sticking to the empty spaces, the holes

Tugging the horizon to stretch and grow, to keep going, to never

Run out

Our eyes don’t see its end but we know it’s


and that’s alright

It lingers somewhere out of mind and

we’re okay with that

Because when the end comes

Even though we’re not ready to say


To the Sun

The Moon will rise to keep away the

Dark Hours

And the sun can finally sink and rest and

Blossom its fiery petals under the water,

the other side of the world

A sunset is temporary;

Though there’s sadness in

Letting Go

We know

We’ll see the sun again someday



-For V


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Do what makes you happy

So today was the last day of Poetry Club for the semester/remainder of the school year. It was definitely a bittersweet moment; while I don’t mind that the conclusion of clubs signifies the end of the school year, I will miss the fun times the students and I had over the course of the last few months. Though they are all still honing their craft (we’re talking 3rd and 5th graders here, nothing really monumental comes out of those years, unless you’re me), it’s evident that there is some talent in those kids and, if they continue to write, they could end up like some very talented writer whose name rhymes with Goolia. But for real, I really hope I inspired at least one of them (if not all of them, obviously) to continue writing and grow to love language the way it deserves to be loved. The way you love a kitten who never grows up and stays sweet and cuddly forever. Wait what?

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what you do in life, whether it be writing (although that’s the most important and noteworthy of all careers/passions, obviously), teaching, acting, administrative, whatever. The point is to do something that matters to you. Because, after all, it’s your life, so you might as well enjoy it. I know there have been times when I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing, or got sidetracked from an important project, but I’ve always tried to do what matters to me on a somewhat daily basis (even if no one’s paying me to do it just yet). Just find your niche and do what makes you happy. If it never matters to anyone but you, so what? I know it’s nice to be recognized for accomplishments in areas where you feel you excel, or even areas that you may suck in but thoroughly enjoy. But if you aren’t recognized in those areas, does that mean the world stops revolving? No, it doesn’t. So just live your life, enjoy yourself, stand for something that matters to you, do what you love, and above all else…

keep calm poetry

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From the strange minds of children

We’ve been heavy into FCAT the last few weeks at work, so I figured I’d give my kids a break today with a fun writing exercise. Basically, I gave each student a different story start and they had about 5 minutes to continue the story. When it was time to switch, they each had to continue the stories their peers had started until it was time to switch again and finish the stories. So they got to collaborate on different stories in a fun way. Working with elementary students, I can usually expect to get silly responses when it comes to creative writing, but there are always a few that are especially goofy and make even me laugh when the kids are presenting. Here are two of my favorites:

When I got to school today, there was a new girl in my class. I walked over to her and asked her what her name was and I asked her where she was from and she said she was from Mars. Then I just ran away because she was an alien. She was sick so every time she coughed on someone, she turned them into an alien. Then there was a new kid in the other class named Eliot. Eliot liked her and kissed her. Eliot turned into an alien. Everyone was shocked. But then her father came and said “come on dear” and then he saw Eliot and said “what a handsome boy you are and you and my daughter will get married and we will have a lovely feast and have a party.” The end.

When I was walking home from school, I saw an elephant in the middle of the road. Then there was a BMW coming toward the elephant, then the BMW hit the elephant and he went to Uranus and he had a broken leg. Then Sacajawea popped out of his head and said “the wind will carry you to the place.” The elephant was very hungry and thirsty so Sacajawea had some food and water but the elephant was still hungry so he ate Sacajawea. The elephant was highly trained but it destroyed Mars, and Earth. The end.

It may not be award-winning material, but these kids sure know how to entertain me.

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The time I met that crazy, local author lady

A couple weeks ago I met this local author in my town. I was sitting down by the bayou, minding my own business (actually doing some writing myself) when she comes up to me out of nowhere and asks “Hi, do you read young adult novels? Are you a teenager?”  Now I realize she was just peddling her new book, but I don’t think I look that young. So, nice try.

Anyway, I told her that no, I was not a teenager, that in fact I was in my twenties but why did she ask?

She proceeded to babble on about how she was a local writer and she had just published her second novel for young adults and blah blah blah. It was actually sort of interesting to me, being a writer myself, but the way she divulged the information was slightly annoying. A sort of “look at how accomplished I am” vibe, name-dropping along the way. So, while I was interested to hear how another author had gotten published, I really just wanted her to go away and let me get back to my own work. But obviously she didn’t get the hint. Obviously.

Anyway, we exchanged information and I’ve been hesitant to email her for the following reason:

Not two days after I met her, I happened upon her again in a clothing store. She was (thankfully) so self-absorbed with talking about her novel that she didn’t recognize me (or even see me, for that matter) so I was safe from being sucked into her spiel again. But of course I couldn’t help overhearing what she was saying to the cashier who was attending to her (poor girl, probably didn’t know what she was in for when she got to work that day) and how it was basically exactly what she’d told me. Finally this crazy lady left and it was my turn to pay but wouldn’t you know it, this lady wasn’t finished. She came back into the store to the cashier (who was now trying to take care of me) to pass off some promotional bookmarks (for this girl to pass out to paying customers? What? I’m still confused what this girl was supposed to do with them). She STILL did not recognize or acknowledge me (thankthelord). She thanked the cashier for “helping her out” and finally departed. I pretended I knew nothing of the entire matter.

Look, I’m all about self-promotion. Having worked as a publicist for a small commercial publisher, I know sometimes you catch a break and don’t have to do any of the legwork yourself; that’s what your publicist is for. But more than ever, not-so-well-known authors have to take care of promotion themselves (especially if they’re self-published). But there’s definitely a right way and an annoying way- I mean wrong way- to go about it. And this lady clearly doesn’t have a clue. I don’t care how desperate I am to promote and sell my novels, I don’t think I could ever stoop that low. Not that I’ve ever published anything (oh, except here, here and here) and who knows when I’ll ever be in the position that she’s in (because we all know I move about as fast as a snail when it comes to finishing anything; first novel should be out in about 5-10 years at this rate). But c’mon, handing out bookmarks at the local TJ Maxx? Not exactly your best bet. Just saying.

So now the question is: to email or not to email. I know it can go several ways:

1) She will probably not answer (most likely). She will probably have a) forgotten who I am or b) will be so self-absorbed she won’t make time to respond.

2) She will answer, but only to fill my inbox with more promotional junk and links to purchase her books.

3) She will respond but only to pick my brain in hopes of utilizing my publishing contacts for her own greedy use.

4) She will respond in attempts to help ME in any way possible with my own novel endeavors. However, this will only occur once hell has frozen over, the moon has exploded and/or Obama has been assassinated. Errr, shit, I probably just put myself on the FBI’s most wanted list. Correction: I am in no way saying I plan to blow up the moon. End correction.

I’ll probably just end up emailing her for the hell of it. I’ll make sure to promote the shit out of everything I’m working on and see how she likes it.

So to all my writer fans/friends out there, how far would you go to self-promote? Am I being overly judgemental? Or has this lady gone too far? If you disagree with me, feel free to leave your comments in the trash can, because that’s where I will most likely send them anyway. Just kidding. Or am I?…

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