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I am never getting out of bed again

There is nothing I hate more than getting up in the morning. It is literally the worst part of my day. Everyday. Except the weekends (obviously; who gets up early on the weekends?).

My alarm will go off early in the morning to wake me for work, and (after hitting snooze several times first), I will spend a few moments laying there, staring up at the ceiling, perusing all the reasonable excuses I could possibly use to not have to get up.

I could call in sick and go back to sleep.

I could just quit my job all together.

I could poison myself and never have to get up early again.

After a few minutes of wracking my brain for any way to keep from having to get out of my warm, comfortable cocoon of a bed, I finally give in to the fact that nothing is going to save me from that horrible fact: it’s time to get up.

This happens every morning when that alarm goes off.

It’s probably ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone to struggle so much internally with the idea of getting up early (or just getting up in general). I know everyone complains about having to get up, and some days are worse than others, but I don’t think I’ve known anyone to suggest such ridiculous options to avoid such a menial thing in the first place. I guess I’m just really. not. a. morning. person. 

If only tips like these actually worked for me.

To add to my misery on this particular morning, it was one of those dark, dreary, positively disgusting days that make you want to lay on the couch under a blanket in your sweatpants while you watch movies all day long and sleep intermittently. Totally acceptable. If only school would be cancelled on days like these so I didn’t have to go to work.

bed best

My life.


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