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“My” dog is better than your dog

I love dogs.

I remember my dog Ninja. She was my best friend growing up. My dad got her before I was even born, and she died at about the same age I was when I broke my arm (clearly not a lucky age for either of us).

Since Ninja, there has never been another dog to come into my life (and stay). One time I got close- my dad and I adopted Yager, a Pitbull mix. But we decided we couldn’t give him the time he deserved and, after a magical week together, we had to take him back to the shelter- I hope someone has since found him and taken him home to a loving environment, because, despite what most people think about Pitbulls, he was the sweetest, funniest, most adoring dog you’ll probably find these days.

But since I’m forever stuck with my neurotic cat, and not a loving, cuddly dog, I’m content (for now) to live vicariously through my brother and his awesome bulldog Vader.

Now, I still have yet to meet Vader in person (oh, the difficulties of living states away from your family), but I’ve seen pictures and videos and heard stories and one look at this dog’s face is enough to make you melt.

I mean, for real, look at that face.

So what’s my purpose, here? Well, obviously it’s to gloat about how awesome my nephew Vader is and to make you go “awww” and maybe even shed a tear of pure love, but mainly, I want Vader to be voted Bulldog of the Year.

And he’s already in the lead (I know, too cool, I’m about to be “related” to a celebrity), but he needs your help to keep him there.

So click here now, and vote for him.

Or I’ll sic Vader’s friend, Darth Maul, on you.


UPDATE: Vader won the contest and was named Bulldog of the Year! Thanks to everyone who voted. 🙂



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