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The way black is black and blue is just blue

Over the weekend, I got to meet (and hang out for two days with) my boyfriend’s parents. For me, meeting a significant others’ parents was always kind of a big deal, especially because 1. I have had so few serious relationships, and (save for the boyfriends I had in my younger years, which don’t count, because they were still living at home and their parents were around all the time), I only really wanted to meet the parents if I felt the relationship was going somewhere long-term (which, luckily for me, they haven’t until now- hopefully; of course, now that I’ve said that, my boyfriend will probably read this, freak out and run away- or better yet, maybe he’ll propose tomorrow). And 2. parents usually live out of state, which makes meeting them more involved and take longer (although, considering his came all the way from Michigan to Florida to meet me after 4 months of dating, I must be doing something right). Reversely, I never felt like it was a big deal bringing mine around because they are so laid back and don’t make it into a big deal. Plus they live local and I have a blast hanging with them, so it’s kind of hard to avoid (my boyfriend ended up spending the day fishing with my mom, stepdad and me after only a week of dating; point proven).

It’s weird how not weird all of this has been up to this point. When I went away with my ex to meet his parents (after a year and a half of dating, no less), it felt like I had to be “on” the whole time I was there, like I could never really relax and just be myself, because I was too busy trying to impress them, and I still wasn’t even completely comfortable with him. But this just felt like I was already part of the family (which is great, because that’s kind of the whole point). It’s weird for me to feel so at ease in my relationship so early on. Like we’ve been together forever, and it just fits and is right.

It’s crazy how some people can come into your life and fit into it so effortlessly, like they were there all along. It’s foreign to me to feel like this person was always supposed to be in my life, like one of those cheesy “how did I survive without you until now” moments that are so cliched but couldn’t be more true. For someone who values their independence and alone time, it’s weird to want that one person around all the time, to just be in their presence, to miss them when they’re not there even though you just saw them.

The funny thing is, I don’t feel this overly dramatic, romantic feeling that you can only suspect happens in movies when the main character has fallen in love and declared it will last forever. This is better. It actually feels real this time. I’ve stopped trying to read into things, because I don’t feel like there’s anything to worry about anymore. I don’t feel like I need to validate my feelings to myself or anyone else because, for lack of better words, they simply just fit; I couldn’t imagine feeling any other way. And it’s actually not even overwhelming or a little scary to realize you want someone for the rest of your life. It’s just like, well duh, how could you want it any other way?


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Saying goodbye to a piece of our family

My sister came over tonight and cried on my couch after just having put her cat to sleep, and even though it wasn’t my cat, Cinnamon had been apart of our family for over 17 years, so I sat on the couch and cried with her. We knew she was old and sickly, so this wasn’t a total shocker, but I honestly wasn’t prepared to come home from spin (knowing full well my sister was coming over tonight, anyway) to this news.

I feel so sad for her, and for Cinnamon, because it isn’t easy saying goodbye to a furry best friend. I always joke that with my luck, my bastard cat will never die, she’ll just keep shitting on my floors for the rest of my life. But when that day finally comes and Felix is no more, I’m not sure how I will manage. Pets may not be as important to some people as other humans are, but when they’re in your lives for that amount of time, and they become apart of your family, it isn’t easy to let them go, even if you know it’s what’s best for them. I know there are varying degrees of loss and sadness (and I’ve been quite fortunate enough to not have experienced the most extreme cases of it), but any loss in general, when it affects the heart, is enough to make adjusting to life without that person (or beloved pet) almost unbearable. It’s crazy to think how, eventually, with time, these emotional wounds do finally heal (though we may never be the same again, it does get easier) and that we’re able to continue living our lives while that other individual no longer can. Life is such a funny, fragile concept, and I’m not sure I’ll ever really understand it, but I think I can understand that gut-wrenching feeling you get when you realize you have to go on without someone (because I’ve been there, in other ways). It takes a lot of strength to accept loss and move on, and anyone who has ever experienced it, big or small, will know what I mean when I say some days you just want to cry. And that’s okay. There will eventually be other days that you can look back on that person or pet’s life and know they lived a good one, regardless of how short or long they thrived, and be happy you had them in your life in the first  place. It’s not an easy place to get to, but just know it’s possible, and never give up the fight to get there.

I realize it might be ridiculous to write a eulogy for a cat, but I think if it makes a difference to just one person (that one person being my sister), then it wasn’t ridiculous at all, it was completely worth it. So here it goes:

Cinnamon was a good and loyal cat, one who preferred time alone to sleep in the sunlight, but who (especially in her old age) also enjoyed a good snuggle and back scratch from anyone who would give her the time of day (which was everyone). She loved sleeping squished in cardboard boxes and licking the water from a dripping faucet. In her younger days, she liked to sleep on people’s heads and stay as far away from Felix the cat as she could. In her wiser days, she preferred to curl up on a soft blanket somewhere and stay as far away from Felix the cat as she could. She was a pet and a best friend, and she will be forever loved and missed.

RIP Cinnabunner

RIP Cinnabunner



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Things I hate spending money on (and why everything should be free)

I hate being broke.

Yesterday was payday, and I’m already no better off now than I was a few days ago as far as my bank account balance is concerned. My rent and phone bill are paid, but I haven’t tackled my other bills yet and I’ve been putting off going grocery shopping in hopes I would magically discover the permanent cure to hunger.

I’m not a big complainer. I hate when people complain to me about their lives and try to be all “woe is me” because they’re not the only one with problems. I have them just like the next guy, but that doesn’t mean anyone else should have to listen to me complain.

My wallet never seems to have any money in it. Somehow manages to collect cobwebs though...

But living paycheck to paycheck and having to track where every penny of my paycheck goes simply makes me realize all the trivial things we as humans have to spend money on (at least those of us in the first world), and it’s completely useless and irrevocably annoying and I would just rather not.

Food. This is the biggest annoyance. Food has to be the most pointless thing we are forced to spend money on. You can either suck it up and buy the food necessary to sustain life, or you can starve to death (personally I’d rather choose the latter, but I think that would make a couple people sad- but only like one or two).

Tampons. This one needs little explanation. If you’re a woman, you know how frustrating it is that 1) we have to deal with this every month and 2) we have to pay for the necessary “supplies” to deal with it. And if you’re a man, shut your mouth and get lost, you have no business commenting on this one.

Gas. This one is especially annoying, because America has the worst public transportation systems as a whole; there are no subways in the English countryside, but you could at least take the train. You can’t even do that in most parts of this country. I live near a city (albeit, a small one in comparison to America’s notorious cities) and the public transportation is awful. I couldn’t take the bus even if I wanted to; it would take me 2 hours to get to work. So I’m forced to drive my car everywhere, literally pissing away cash just to fuel the thing- not to mention all the pollution it spits back out.

Water. Anywhere. Anytime. Water is free, why am I made to pay for it? Whether it comes out of my faucet or from a bottle, I have to pay to have access to it. How stupid. I could just go out to a stream somewhere and bottle my own water. Although I’d probably get sick and die, so maybe for now I’ll just shut up and pay for the clean(er) stuff.

Bills. I know paying bills is one part of being an adult. Everyone has to pay them, but not everyone has to choose between doing something fun to enjoy life or keeping the water and electric on. Personally I’d rather live in a hut on the beach and be able to enjoy life, but it’d probably get really hot and people probably wouldn’t appreciate my lack of cleanliness. Although I could just bathe in the ocean…

Doctors & prescription drugs. Health care in this country should be free. When it comes to just about everything, America has it ass-backwards. If I’m sick (which I am at least once a month), I shouldn’t have to suffer through the sickness just because I can’t afford health insurance and therefore can’t afford to seek medical attention. I’ve currently been nursing a mixture of chronic bronchitis, severe allergies and a lingering cold for over a week now (although I’ve been living with the Tuberculosis-like symptoms since last August), and simply do not have the money to see a doctor or get the chest x-ray I know I probably need. If you are sick, you should be able to get the attention and medicine you need to get better, regardless of whether you can afford it or not. I’d probably be feeling healthy and energized right now if I wasn’t avoiding spending the big bucks to get the medical attention I need.

In the end, everything just needs to be free and paper money needs to become obsolete. In my mind, I’ll continue perfecting the ultimate utopian society and maybe one day it will actually come to be.

Until then, I guess I will have to continuing sucking it up and spending money where I don’t want to.

Or maybe I’ll just change my career path to professional bank robber. We’ll see.


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RE: living vicariously through the A-listers of the world

A year ago, I wrote about the Oscars and how ridiculous it is that our society lives and breathes for such trivial and pretentious displays of vanity.

Sure, I’m sitting here watching it this year just like I did last year, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a complete waste of time and energy (not to mention how pissed I am that it’s broadcasting instead of this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time).

If only it was real gold, I could actually pay my rent!

Award shows only affect those immediately involved. Us ‘common-folk’, those who pay to go out and see the movies and financially support the careers of all these A-listers, we who camp out overnight to get a good spot behind the red carpet barricades, have no personal connection to these expensive displays of appreciation. The shows serve their immediate purpose, as another outlet of entertainment to be absorbed and obsessed over by anyone not actually involved, but especially in terms of shows such as the Oscars, in which winners are determined by the Academy and not the fans, there seems to be no practical reason for nationally broadcasting such an event. I’d rather be watching the movie you starred in then watching you flub up your acceptance speech.

Now don’t get me wrong. Most of these people are extremely talented people who have dedicated their lives to their careers. They deserve recognition and praise. But it’s hard to justify such outrageous shows of ostentation.

Billy Crystal put it perfectly when he introduced the show, reminding all of us viewers at home to, with the current economic state, and the fact that most of us are struggling to make ends meet, please sit back and enjoy watching a bunch of millionaires accept statues made out of gold. You could probably hawk an Oscar and feed a whole third-world country.

The best part? Tomorrow we will all go back to our normal lives like nothing happened. Because, in our own sad, sorry little mediocre lives (at least, sad, sorry and mediocre compared to the fabulous lives of the rich and famous), nothing did happen.


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Why my family is cooler than yours

Ready for a back roll.

My dad could build Rome in a day. My dad is the epitome of unreal. The man has been building homes by himself since before I was born. Yesterday I sat on the couch with my breakfast and watched the crew of eight guys (who were surprisingly not Mexican, stereotype I know, but true nonetheless) working on re-roofing the building next door. These guys have been working over a week and still haven’t finished. My dad would probably rock that by himself in a day. Not to mention he’s opening a dive shop = all the free diving I want. Score.

World's best mom & future grammy-winning sister. And me. Meh.

My mom is truly my best friend. I know parents would kill to buddy up and be friends with their kids and know everything that’s going on in their lives (especially when they’re teenagers), but my mom is actually one of my best friends. And not because I feel like I have to be friends with her. My mom and I have some of the best times together. We joke about stupid people and laugh at absolutely nothing and it is awesome.

My sister could be the next Carrie Underwood. That girl’s got a voice on her that could blow the speakers off a supped-up Caddie just from sheer power. She could very well move to Nashville tomorrow and land a record deal, but for now she’s content playing gigs at local bars, being a school teacher and enjoying married life (and hopefully making me an aunt soon).

Rockin' the ink gun.

My brother is an international rock star. Featured in some of the top tattoo magazines (such as Britain’s number one tattoo mag, Skin Deep) and known by name in town and throughout the surrounding area, my brother is quite possibly the coolest guy you’ll never meet (unless you stalk him out at one of the many conventions he frequents throughout the year, which I highly recommend). I don’t get to see him nearly enough, but when I do, it’s always a blast. Not to mention it’s pretty awesome bragging about him when people ask me about my own tattoos.

One of my crazy aunts and one of my awesome cousins

My relatives have a sense of humor that is unmatched. My aunts, uncles, cousins and second-cousins- there are a few, and they rock- are all obviously cut from the same mold (surprisingly, my mom’s side and my dad’s side are both equally hilarious). When we have family reunions, there are so many things happening at once sometimes I get dizzy just trying to keep up. Not to mention that I can’t breathe right for days afterwards thanks to all the laughing I’ve done.

European hairdryer. The usual.

Pretty much everything about my family makes them the coolest family alive. Everyone brings something fun and unique to the table, and they all have the kind of personalities that just make them super-cool and lucky to be who they are.

Oh yeah, and they all get to be related to me.

Enough said.



What makes your family awesome?


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