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Yard work is hard work

I love being in my own house. Granted, we are just renting, but it’s still our own space, so I want it to be homey and welcoming (considering I spend a lot of my free time there and everything). So yard work was a necessary part of moving in, especially considering the last tenant clearly never lifted a finger to mow or rake the entire time they lived there. The house may only have been sitting vacant for a few months (according to our landlord) but it’s obvious the yard hasn’t been tended to for about a year. At least, that’s what I would assume based on the amount of leaves and debris covering our yard and clogging the outdoor space.

Kevin and I both wanted to get the yard cleaned as soon as possible so we could get to the part where we actually enjoy the house and living there, so spending a weekend doing some serious yard work seemed like the best plan. But aside from the one random afternoon I spent raking my mom’s yard a few years ago when I lived there (which did not go over so well, as I remember finding a dead cat in the grass and being stung by a bee ten times), it’s been years since I’ve had to attend to anyone’s yard, mine or anyone else’s. So I don’t think I quite knew what I was getting into when I agreed to spend my weekend raking leaves and weeding. Because I was not expecting this:

29 bags was just the front and side yards. Add about another 10 bags and you've got almost 40 bags of yard waste cleaned up over two days.

29 bags was just the front and side yards. Add about another 10 bags and you’ve got almost 40 bags of yard waste cleaned up over two days.

That’s five hours worth of raking, weeding, clipping, cutting, all rolled and bagged into one. Or, er, 29. Not only did raking it all up into piles take forever and a day, but bagging it all was a giant pain in the rump. By the time we got to the back yard, I just wanted to be done and take a nap. It’s quite exhausting doing something so tedious as yard work, but I’m glad we took the time to do it, because now it doesn’t look like bums live in our house, and we can actually begin to enjoy the outdoor space we have (which is quite a bit- the more we cleaned, the more we uncovered and discovered what kind of space we were truly working with). I only hope the city will remove 40 bags of yard waste, because they never specified a limit, and I sure as hell don’t feel like lugging it all down to the facility myself and paying $5 for it. Really, what is that about? You’re going to pick it up at the curbside for free but then charge me if I bring it there myself? Whatever, Tarpon Springs. You have things ass-backwards, but I’m not complaining, because if you’ll haul it away for me, that’s 40 bags of leaves I never have to rake again.


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