Do what makes you happy

So today was the last day of Poetry Club for the semester/remainder of the school year. It was definitely a bittersweet moment; while I don’t mind that the conclusion of clubs signifies the end of the school year, I will miss the fun times the students and I had over the course of the last few months. Though they are all still honing their craft (we’re talking 3rd and 5th graders here, nothing really monumental comes out of those years, unless you’re me), it’s evident that there is some talent in those kids and, if they continue to write, they could end up like some very talented writer whose name rhymes with Goolia. But for real, I really hope I inspired at least one of them (if not all of them, obviously) to continue writing and grow to love language the way it deserves to be loved. The way you love a kitten who never grows up and stays sweet and cuddly forever. Wait what?

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what you do in life, whether it be writing (although that’s the most important and noteworthy of all careers/passions, obviously), teaching, acting, administrative, whatever. The point is to do something that matters to you. Because, after all, it’s your life, so you might as well enjoy it. I know there have been times when I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing, or got sidetracked from an important project, but I’ve always tried to do what matters to me on a somewhat daily basis (even if no one’s paying me to do it just yet). Just find your niche and do what makes you happy. If it never matters to anyone but you, so what? I know it’s nice to be recognized for accomplishments in areas where you feel you excel, or even areas that you may suck in but thoroughly enjoy. But if you aren’t recognized in those areas, does that mean the world stops revolving? No, it doesn’t. So just live your life, enjoy yourself, stand for something that matters to you, do what you love, and above all else…

keep calm poetry


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