How to keep guac from turning brown (maybe)

Don't bother saving the pit, it won't help.

Don’t bother saving the pit, it won’t help.

Now that Easter is over, and I’ve eaten all my Peeps, it’s time to get back to my guacamole obsession. On a scale from one to healthy, guac is pretty high up there. With ingredients like avocados, tomatoes and onions, I don’t really feel badly about gorging on the delicious dip on a semi-regular basis. But I could never seem to figure out how to keep the guac from turning brown once I’d had my fill and it was time to refrigerate it. I’ve found a few ways that mostly work (and one sure way that never fails), so I decided to share them with you, my readers, and anyone else who cares to learn the real secret to keeping guacamole from turning brown.

First of all, the myth about leaving the pit in the bowl with the guac is just that: myth. I tried it and it did absolutely nothing except save the tiny bit of guac directly underneath the pit; everything else went brown and yucky. Apparently the culprit behind the turning of the guac is oxygen. In order to keep your guac fresh and green, you simply need to keep the oxygen out. The best way to do this is to cover it with Saran Wrap, pushing the plastic down into the bowl so it’s touching the guac. Make sure you push out all the air from underneath the plastic, otherwise you’ll completely defeat the purpose of this tip (and my post, and possibly my whole reason for existence). This guy knows what I’m talking about. If you do end up with a little bit o’ brown, it usually sticks to the plastic wrap and comes up when you remove the plastic; that, or just scrap the top off and the rest should still be green and yummy.

And if you really want to have the freshest guacamole ever, make it right before you plan to eat it (or serve it; it makes a great party dish) and eat every last bite, ensuring there’s nothing left over to even have the chance to turn brown.

And if you do make some, make sure you make extra and bring some to my house. I did, after all, save your guacamole from browning, least you could do is say thanks. If anyone has a lava rock bowl they can part with, I’d appreciate that as well.



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2 responses to “How to keep guac from turning brown (maybe)

  1. Gail

    The plastic wrap tip really works. I do it all the time. And no, you’re not getting any. Just saying.

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