The mindoverMadness Poetry Series: Lost to Sea

So I finally finished reading Life of Pi, which was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t put it down and so read in a total of two days. I started reading it five years ago, when I first bought it. I was taking a fiction seminar class in college, the only sophomore in a class of juniors and seniors, and everyone kept referencing this book, life of pie or something or other, and I wanted to know what all the hype was about so I ran out and bought it and began reading. For some reason I cannot recall, I wasn’t into it, or didn’t feel like reading it and put it down and forgot about it. Then, they made a movie out of it, which I still have yet to see- I wanted to finally read the book first. Which I’m glad I did. Anyway, this post isn’t about the book and how great I thought it was (maybe I’ll do another post later about that), but I wanted to share a related piece of poetry that I wrote some time ago now (I’ll share the original version, not the edited, chopped-down one that I later turned into a tattoo) about being lost to sea and how, in the end, we are all the same sort of monsters, unidentifiable in our demise (or something like that). Enjoy!


Lost to Sea

Men sail blind through late fall storms

Past cold ruins of first attempts

They try to steer through wood waves

Strange paths and gut sense their lone guide


Fiends of the deep lurk in the wake of cut sea

Grab blades and thick net

But not strong enough to kill the beast

Peer off Port side but gasp at the same eyes that stare up

False limbs reach up and wrap their prey


At the depths men are well fit

They are all the same here, man and foe


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