The mindoverMadness Poetry Series: Tiny White Pill

Aside from completely suck-suckity-suck-sucking at keeping my blog current, up-to-date and read-worthy, I actually possess some written talent and creativity (or so I’ve been told all my life). I’m trying this new thing (trying, and failing obviously) where I actually blog on a semi-regular basis.

Clearly I need some help in this area (seriously, who let’s their blog go over a month without so much as a peep?) so to get myself back into the swing of things, I figured I’d grace the internet world with some of my deeper thoughts, feelings and emotions, otherwise known as poetry. I’ve also been managing an online poetry journal (clickity-click here to check out some awesome work by some awesome people I’ve never met), so that may have something to do with it, too.

Dig it.

Dig it.

More than likely, though, it’s because, when I Googled one of the search terms someone used to find my blog (namely, “good poem on animals in cages”), I came up as the first result. Don’t want to miss out on another opportunity like that! Score.

Enjoy, fellow WordPressians and random folk who stumble upon my blog by mistake. I mean chance. Cough.



Tiny White Pill

How Bright-White you are

in my hand,



A curious thing,

to Want you so



You are quick to

my mouth,

down my throat.

Make your way


to my Red.


I feel you

Inside me.

You breathe heavy in my ear,

Prickling me with your


Bubbling in my stomach to

Remind me that you’re



How small you sit in

my palm.

Could close my hand,

could crush you.


You could

Save me.

Or you could be the


Of me.





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