Why birthdays are irrelevant (and why getting old sucks)

Getting old kind of sucks.

Not in the usual sucky-suck way, when you just can’t stand something and you’d rather chew off your own arm than have to face it (although I probably shouldn’t make zombie jokes when there’s been so much of it in the media lately), but in a general sense, as far as birthdays go, it sucks.

I turned 23 a few days ago. Yes, I realize 23 is not that old. But it just reminds me how pointless birthdays are and how depressing that “special” day that’s all yours really is.

The happy birthday email I got from my dad’s dive shop. I was actually excited about this.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not me whining that not enough people reached out to me on my birthday. If there’s one day guaranteed to bring all the random Facebook friends you have on your profile out of the woodworks to actually acknowledge you, it’s your birthday. So between the posts on my timeline, the texts from close friends and the phone calls from family, I got a good amount of attention (not that I really wanted it, but still).

But the lack of “hoopla” just reminded me how much getting old sucks. First of all, birthdays are really only meaningful when you’re young, and you get cool toys and huge parties thrown in your honor and you’re actually super excited to have a birthday (mainly for the presents, but still). So as an adult, there’s not much to really look forward to except that you’re another year old, another year closer to wrinkles and grey hair and death.

Birthdays are just another reminder of how time moves faster and faster the older you get, of how impossible it is to slow it down and stop it from happening. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time for a little bit, at least until I can accomplish all things I said I wanted to by 23. Sometimes life gets in the way of having a life.

Maybe I’m just being melodramatic because it’s been rainy here and I couldn’t go to the beach on my birthday. And sure, there are plenty of great reasons why it’s cool to be an adult, but now that I’m 23, I feel old. Like I crossed a line in the sand I can’t step back over; 22 still seemed young, but 23? Being 23 makes me feel old. And it sucks. The end.



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9 responses to “Why birthdays are irrelevant (and why getting old sucks)

  1. prosewithabbitude

    Sadly, I regret to inform you, that you will probably have this feeling for all 20 something celebrations. I hated all my birthdays in my 20s and I know many who have the same feeling. When I turned 30 back in November I realized it was because your 20s is all about establishing yourself as an adult and making your way in the world as an adult. My 30th rocked and I eagerly await the rest of my birthdays in this decade.

    • Glad to hear you actually enjoyed your 30th; usually it’s the opposite! I think by then I will feel a little more accomplished and look forward to it. Also, you gave me a little hope since the friends I have who recently celebrated the big three-oh were less than thrilled. 🙂

      • prosewithabbitude

        That’s how I felt. The 20s are all about finding ourselves begrudgingly learning how to be an adult. When I reached 30 I felt more accomplished and like I had an idea of the direction my life was taking.

  2. Nonsense! You are at a great age – and it only gets better! Happy birthday – enjoy your independence and freedom….it can only go up!

  3. laurengraceevans

    I get this completely, and I’m 20! I used to get a bit mopey a few days before my birthday, either because the hype of my birthday wasn’t good enough or just because my birthday is in January and I could be a sufferer of S.A.D. Or, I have the mentality of a teenager still and don’t like being an -nty rather than an -een.
    Happy birthday anyway! Why don’t you go back to your childhood parties, do a bit of face-painting, bake some cupcakes, hire out a bouncey castle? I would love that! Haha 😀

    • That sounds AWESOME. Especially the part about the bouncey castle. I know plenty of (adult) friends who would have enjoyed that too, lol. I get what you mean though, but I do have to say being in my twenties is way more exciting than my teens were. I hope you enjoy them, too! 😀

  4. You are right! these are the grievances of a fleeting life. The older you get, busier or happier you are, the faster the time starts galloping away 😦

    • It’s so true! Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down and remember to accomplish the things I want before I wake up and I’m an old fart. 😀

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