Life after Freshly Pressed

I remember a time when hitting 50 views in one day used to make me burst with joy. When getting three or four likes or one or two comments made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, I feel numb to the idea of getting so elated over something so miniscule. And I have being Freshly Pressed to thank for it.

Who could ever be satisfied again after that all-time high? I mean really, c'mon now.

Now don’t get me wrong. Being Freshly Pressed was probably one of the greatest moments in my life, aside from being published on Living Green Magazine and twice on United Press International. Actually, come to think of it, I think being Freshly Pressed beat even those accomplishments. Because reporting, while exciting and interesting, is a different medium than blogging. While I always keep my news articles focused on a topic I love, there is still a general guideline for how they’re reported on, how they’re written, how they’re published and so on and so forth. But blogging, blogging can be anything you want it to be. There are no limits (unless it’s actually your job and someone pays you to write on specific topics, but who likes to get paid, anyway?). So to log into WordPress one day and stumble upon the fact that my blog post, MINE, was chosen out of thousands of others to grace the front page of Freshly Pressed made me fall out of my chair. Literally.

But now, months after the excitement has settled down and me and my blog have disappeared back into oblivion, the build up and anticipation caused by three insanely responsive days in a row has led me to feel shell-shocked. Logging into my stats now gives me a lump in my throat and a heavy heart.

So, to ward off the despair, I’ve decided the only solution is to be Freshly Pressed from here forward. Because I’m becoming severely depressed by such mediocre blog stats. I mean really, how does one stand it?


Oo, I just got another view on my blog! ::dances::

Up to 20 views today, WHAT. How you like me now?!

Gotta go, I have better things to do than continue this blog post. Like go obsess over my stats. Why is the page taking so long to refresh?!



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19 responses to “Life after Freshly Pressed

  1. I hate the stats feature on WordPress. Okay, that is a lie…I love it, when it favors me. My mood for the day is often based upon how many people read my blog, comment or push the like button. Pathetic. Be proud of your accomplishment. Even if it only happens once in a lifetime, at least you were the ‘chosen one’.

  2. Funny how the stats can influence us so much. I felt the same after being Freshly Pressed – so elated, so excited….but why is it dropping down. I love their new feature with the map – I get so excited when there is someone from a different country. It has been a while since my freshly pressed day – now I get more excited by comments and finding exciting posts by others! My list of people I follow has become huge – but it really revs me up for the day! Congrats on your previous FP! I look forward to more posts from you – I really do enjoy your writing!

    • Thanks Anita! I enjoy your pictures, they’re always so breathtaking. I think it was a great idea for them to add the map feature- it’s so cool to see where people reading your blog are! My favorite so far is still New Caledonia. I don’t even know where it is, and it sounds like somewhere they wouldn’t have internet, but it’s neat to think someone there stumbled across my little blog and decided to stick around and check it out. πŸ™‚

  3. I’d join in on the “Yeah, I was freshly-pressed once too…” group hug, but I haven’t been so I can’t hahahaha!

    I had this other blog once where I was able to hit relatively high traffic based on seeding/SEO crap, but I never really got that thrill from it because they were one-hit-wonder clicks. People come, they see that one post, and then they head off wordlessly into the night, never to return.
    I much prefer having lighter traffic, but from a regular bunch that would also take the time to drop a comment and actually interact with you.
    Hope that’s a consolation for you!

  4. laurengraceevans

    The “stats” page is almost like my Achilles’ heel. And each new “busiest day” is simply the next target I must conquer. Maybe I should use less effort looking at my stats and more effort on my posts!

    • Your posts are awesome to the tenth degree. I’d like to think mine are as well but who knows. As for the stats page, it’s like a car crash, as much as you don’t want to look you simply can’t help yourself. Of course, then you just can’t look away! (or in this case, stop hitting refresh!) πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for writing this! I was Freshly Pressed today and I identify with everything you said down to being a news reporter. I understand that everyday will not be like today, and I remember the excitement of breaking 20 views. This honestly feels surreal. It’s a grand validation. I will have to reread your post when the buzz dies down. LOL! Thanks!

    • Awesome, congrats! I will be by your page soon to check it out πŸ™‚ Been super busy and haven’t had a free moment to write anything. I hate it! Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

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  7. caitlambert

    yeah sometimes I hate the idea of stats, but I like knowing that people do actually look and half-way read my stuff. Even when I hit 20,000 views, that was exciting. I think I got Freshly pressed once..and at first I couldn’t believe it either. I thought I logged on the wrong name or something. But I understand where you’re coming from. I hope your job is going well.

  8. I was FP 5 days ago for 4,000 views, and now my stats are back to the 100’s or so.

    The worst part? I was pressed on my sixth ever post, after 4 days of no views. I never knew what it was like to get excited at low numbers..

    Not that I’m complaining πŸ˜€

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