Why I will never use eBay again

eBay sucks.

I used to think eBay was the only way to buy and sell crap on the internet (besides the ever-reliable Craigslist. HAH). And I hated eBay for monopolizing the trade. With all their seller fees (I rarely buy; always selling my shee-at), including the fees they tack on to set a fixed price (who wants to wait for the bidding wars to conclude?), it was basically impossible to make a decent profit. Plus it was just super annoying to have to pay them for doing nothing except letting me post my shit. I’d rather go to Craigslist, a thank you.

But then, one day, one of my friends opened my eyes to an incredible new way to buy and sell. A way that didn’t require me to pay stupid fees just to unload my junk onto someone else. A way that allowed me to break free from the traditional auction-style selling I’d come to hate with eBay.

What was this magical new world?


And what an appropriately catchy company name.

I’ll admit, there are still some areas they can improve on, but they remain miniscule areas in the larger picture.

UM, hi. Look how much I’ve racked up in the last few months and half dozen or so items I’ve sold. Thank you.

The fact is, I can post my items, with as many pictures as I want (no fees to add more than one, EBAY), set my price, set a shipping fee, choose how I want to get paid (check or PayPal) and monitor activity on the item. Oh, not to mention I can tweet the item and post to Facebook right from the same screen.

Yardsellr is also very much about convenience. I didn’t have to jump through 20 hoops to enter my account information or sign my life away swearing to adhere to ridiculous guidelines. I simply logged in with my Facebook account and started selling.

The coolest part about this nifty new site is that they don’t charge the seller any fees whatsoever. Did I mention the seller pays nothing? The way they make this possible is by charging the buyer (small) fees and in return, are generous enough to dish out “Photons” (basically, dolla dollas) in exchange for paying buyer fees, which can later be used towards future purchases.

So it’s a win-win for everyone involved, and it’s way simpler and more user-friendly than eBay will ever be.

So there.

I am never going back to eBay again. In fact, I should probably close my account so I can stop getting charged stupid fees every month just for having it active. Unless you want to buy it from me. I hear people will pay a pretty penny for an active, valid eBay account. Just saying.


UPDATE: Unfortunately Yardsellr no longer exists (wahhh) but I’ve recently discovered Tradesy as my new go-to for selling the clutter in my closet. Enjoy.



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13 responses to “Why I will never use eBay again

  1. laurengraceevans

    I was just about to have a massive clear out of my junk in my room and start my own little Ebay money making sessions. Then I read your lovely post and am persuaded to use Yardsellr rather than Ebay. However when I go to click on your link, Yardsellr doesn’t accept me as I’m English 😦 Sad times! It’ll have to be Ebay for me, unless I find an English version of Yardsellr! Thanks for the post though, couldn’t have been better timing for me!

  2. Sandra

    I have also had it with Ebay. I’ve been messed around too many times.
    Non payment for items, Fake Casio Watch and horrific experience with abuse from Sellers. Forget it, sell locally on free websites and protect your sanity!

    • Amen! Unfortunately Yardsellr no longer exists, and Craigslist has too many spammers/weirdos, but I’ve recently discovered Tradesy.com as my new seller’s marketplace obsession. It’s based around designer-wear, but it’s been a blessing when trying to clear out nicer handbags and even lower-end fashions from stores like Forever 21 and H&M. They make it super easy to sell and so far I haven’t encountered any bullshit as a seller. Can’t speak as a buyer, but I’m sure it’s about the same whether you buy/sell. Hope this helps!

  3. I don’t like using ebay for selling and buying clothes, for me it’s more like an item site, for clothes I’m using Vinted app http://www.vinted.com/ you should check this!

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