Unnecessary sadness

So I’ve been having a heart attack since about 1030 last night. I went to log in to my blog and found that it was deactivated. I just about died right there on the spot.

I know no one really gives a rat butt about my blog- except for you, reading this right now, and my faithful followers, whom I am extremely grateful for and thankful to have, you guys rock for not only caring about but enjoying the Mad things I write about- but to me, my blog is my whole world (well, maybe not my WHOLE world, but a large portion of it).

So to find it was deactivated (that word still makes me shudder) for no apparent reason made me burst into tears and cry. And cry. And cry. And call my boyfriend and cry. And cry some more. Then go to bed and wake up this morning with puffy eyes (attractive).

To add to my misery, I woke up this morning to some generic email from WordPress saying (and I quote) “Your site was flagged by our automated anti-spam controls. I have reviewed your site and have removed the suspension notice. We are very sorry for that happening and the inconvenience it caused you.”

Inconvenience? How about you made me cry. I thought my life was literally over and the world was coming to an end (okay, maybe I wasn’t that melodramatic about it, but I still cried).

I hope this never happens to any of you. And I swear to god, if it ever happens to me again, I will go through the computer screen and strangle the automated anti-spam controls for being so retarded. You ruined my night, prevented me from enjoying a peaceful and fulfilling night’s sleep and caused me to look like poop today. More than anything, you took away something I love very dearly for no reason (did I mention there was no reason for this?).


In the end, my blog is back up and the world is at peace again (at least in my head). So now I can go back to my delusions that my blog is the coolest thing ever, you can go back to reading (or not reading) it, and the world can continue doing whatever it was doing before all this, because really, other than my boyfriend, who had to listen to me cry on the phone and did a good job of trying to calm me down and reassure me that it would be okay (you’re the best, Dan), no one else had a clue I was suffering such heartbreak.

So I hope this never happens to any of you. Because it sucks.

But if it does, please feel free to contact me. I will share in your misery and remind you that, more than likely, your blog will rise to the challenge, overcome those awful anti-spam bots and rise to be the magical blog it was destined to be.

Either that, or you’re screwed and your blog is kaput.


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One response to “Unnecessary sadness

  1. Wow… I think you just lived through SOPA and survived! When SOPA spreads around the world, you’ll have to lead the guerrilla resistance.

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