Things I hate spending money on (and why everything should be free)

I hate being broke.

Yesterday was payday, and I’m already no better off now than I was a few days ago as far as my bank account balance is concerned. My rent and phone bill are paid, but I haven’t tackled my other bills yet and I’ve been putting off going grocery shopping in hopes I would magically discover the permanent cure to hunger.

I’m not a big complainer. I hate when people complain to me about their lives and try to be all “woe is me” because they’re not the only one with problems. I have them just like the next guy, but that doesn’t mean anyone else should have to listen to me complain.

My wallet never seems to have any money in it. Somehow manages to collect cobwebs though...

But living paycheck to paycheck and having to track where every penny of my paycheck goes simply makes me realize all the trivial things we as humans have to spend money on (at least those of us in the first world), and it’s completely useless and irrevocably annoying and I would just rather not.

Food. This is the biggest annoyance. Food has to be the most pointless thing we are forced to spend money on. You can either suck it up and buy the food necessary to sustain life, or you can starve to death (personally I’d rather choose the latter, but I think that would make a couple people sad- but only like one or two).

Tampons. This one needs little explanation. If you’re a woman, you know how frustrating it is that 1) we have to deal with this every month and 2) we have to pay for the necessary “supplies” to deal with it. And if you’re a man, shut your mouth and get lost, you have no business commenting on this one.

Gas. This one is especially annoying, because America has the worst public transportation systems as a whole; there are no subways in the English countryside, but you could at least take the train. You can’t even do that in most parts of this country. I live near a city (albeit, a small one in comparison to America’s notorious cities) and the public transportation is awful. I couldn’t take the bus even if I wanted to; it would take me 2 hours to get to work. So I’m forced to drive my car everywhere, literally pissing away cash just to fuel the thing- not to mention all the pollution it spits back out.

Water. Anywhere. Anytime. Water is free, why am I made to pay for it? Whether it comes out of my faucet or from a bottle, I have to pay to have access to it. How stupid. I could just go out to a stream somewhere and bottle my own water. Although I’d probably get sick and die, so maybe for now I’ll just shut up and pay for the clean(er) stuff.

Bills. I know paying bills is one part of being an adult. Everyone has to pay them, but not everyone has to choose between doing something fun to enjoy life or keeping the water and electric on. Personally I’d rather live in a hut on the beach and be able to enjoy life, but it’d probably get really hot and people probably wouldn’t appreciate my lack of cleanliness. Although I could just bathe in the ocean…

Doctors & prescription drugs. Health care in this country should be free. When it comes to just about everything, America has it ass-backwards. If I’m sick (which I am at least once a month), I shouldn’t have to suffer through the sickness just because I can’t afford health insurance and therefore can’t afford to seek medical attention. I’ve currently been nursing a mixture of chronic bronchitis, severe allergies and a lingering cold for over a week now (although I’ve been living with the Tuberculosis-like symptoms since last August), and simply do not have the money to see a doctor or get the chest x-ray I know I probably need. If you are sick, you should be able to get the attention and medicine you need to get better, regardless of whether you can afford it or not. I’d probably be feeling healthy and energized right now if I wasn’t avoiding spending the big bucks to get the medical attention I need.

In the end, everything just needs to be free and paper money needs to become obsolete. In my mind, I’ll continue perfecting the ultimate utopian society and maybe one day it will actually come to be.

Until then, I guess I will have to continuing sucking it up and spending money where I don’t want to.

Or maybe I’ll just change my career path to professional bank robber. We’ll see.



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15 responses to “Things I hate spending money on (and why everything should be free)

  1. I absolutely love this post because I was just saying how it sucks to not know how my money go so fast. Although on top of everything you named I’m a single parent with a kids father that doesn’t contribute at all. She goes to private schooling because the public one here is failing and things are hard

    • I applaud any single parent who’s working to support themselves and their kid(s), especially those who aren’t receiving any child support or financial help from anywhere. I couldn’t imagine trying to feed another mouth with what I make and the other financial obligations I already have (it’s hard enough finding the extra cash to buy my cat food and litter- that stuff’s pricey!). It’s just very frustrating to know how hard you work for whatever it is you make and then see it all disappear so quickly, especially when most of the time financial obligations are not something anyone would voluntarily choose to pay for! Your daughter sounds like she has a great mom, though- especially if you’ve got her in private school, that’s not cheap! Just remember what’s important, we can’t take it with us. Although sometimes it’s hard to remember the things in my life I’m grateful for when I’m busy digging change out of the backseat of the car just to do my laundry!:)

  2. oh dear! It can be a challenge!!! I have to say thanks for the post though – I just remembered that I have not paid my bills – may be late now!!! Ooops….tooo busy! Need more time!

    • I know what you mean! My phone bill was late the last two times because I just kept forgetting. I’m very environmentally-conscious, but maybe I should opt back in to paper billing so I don’t forget anymore! I remembered this month though 🙂

  3. I completely agree with you!! I can’t even tell you how upset I get even thinking about how many people out there are just rolling in unearned money, and then there are those who have to scrape and scrimp just to get basic necessities (not to mention, they dont have the ‘luxury’ of visiting a dentist or doctor or optometrist!) What gets me going the most though, is that theres really NO alternative for any of these things. And like you said, just gotta suck it up! It’s ridiculous. :/

    • It really is very frustrating. I haven’t been to the dentist in almost 5 years because I simply can’t afford it. And like I said in my post, I hate complaining about not having the money to do the things I need or want to do (at this point, I just want to go to the doctor’s and get medicine and feel better!) but unfortunately everything in life revolves around money, and I can’t stand it. Money truly is the root of all evil, and I’ve had many conversations with people about how much better off society would be if there was no money, but no one seems to agree or believe my theory would work. Oh well. I guess for now people like you and me will have to keep trudging along and hope one day we’ll get what we deserve. Karma works in mysterious ways. That, or maybe we’ll just win the lottery 🙂

  4. prosewithabbitude

    Oh how I share in your pain! I also think we shouldn’t have to pay parking to go to work. Work is something I have to do just so I can pay for all the items I don’t want to pay; I shouldn’t have a parking cost when I have to work.

    • I agree! Thankfully I don’t have to pay to park at work. If I did, I think that would just be one thing too many and I would simply explode!

  5. The worst one is rent, they raise my rent 150 dollars every year. So I get a little raise every year and my landlord takes it, there’s no hope in getting ahead in the US anymore. Those days are over.

    • It’s really true. And it’s such a shame, because there is so much opportunity to be had in this country, there just always seems to be something getting in the way.

  6. Cue the John Lennon song!

    But yeah, I know how you feel. I did a career switch a couple of years ago, and I went from an unimpressive-but-stable income to scraping the bottom of the barrel. I’m eating as cheaply as I can, haven’t bought anything unnecessary for years, and I’d really be living off fumes in the days leading up to payday – or when the freelance checks don’t come in on time.

    Dunno if it’ll help, but I’ve been using this Lemon app to help me log my expenses and keep track of exactly what I’m spending on.

  7. Dancing Light

    Darling girl. Let me just say first, that I so enjoy your missives and look forward to the bright spot they bring in my day. As to this post, might I suggest that what you are feeling is a point of consolidarity, regardless of the age, race, country or occupation. It is a time for us to move past the era of money, not as it is the evil, but perhaps as it is the main tool of Those Who are Evil. You may not be aware, but you will hear soon of the arrests of many in worldwide governments, banking and even in the AMA and ADA who have not only sold out you as the consumer, but also the doctors and professionals who provide you with services as they sold out to the big insurance companies. I promise you will hear about it and Soon. Water Should Be Free; it should also be Clean. Gas is the energy of destruction and there are Free Energy and Clean Options that have been suppressed for over 60 years. The Committee of 300 has been given until March 30th to release the world. If you want to know more about the plan and the deception and where it is headed, google David Wilcock and the Financial Tyranny. Google Shift Frequency. Your points are all worthwhile! (As to the feminine products, trust me, if men had that to contend with, it would have always been Free!) Blessings and Namaste~.

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