RE: living vicariously through the A-listers of the world

A year ago, I wrote about the Oscars and how ridiculous it is that our society lives and breathes for such trivial and pretentious displays of vanity.

Sure, I’m sitting here watching it this year just like I did last year, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a complete waste of time and energy (not to mention how pissed I am that it’s broadcasting instead of this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time).

If only it was real gold, I could actually pay my rent!

Award shows only affect those immediately involved. Us ‘common-folk’, those who pay to go out and see the movies and financially support the careers of all these A-listers, we who camp out overnight to get a good spot behind the red carpet barricades, have no personal connection to these expensive displays of appreciation. The shows serve their immediate purpose, as another outlet of entertainment to be absorbed and obsessed over by anyone not actually involved, but especially in terms of shows such as the Oscars, in which winners are determined by the Academy and not the fans, there seems to be no practical reason for nationally broadcasting such an event. I’d rather be watching the movie you starred in then watching you flub up your acceptance speech.

Now don’t get me wrong. Most of these people are extremely talented people who have dedicated their lives to their careers. They deserve recognition and praise. But it’s hard to justify such outrageous shows of ostentation.

Billy Crystal put it perfectly when he introduced the show, reminding all of us viewers at home to, with the current economic state, and the fact that most of us are struggling to make ends meet, please sit back and enjoy watching a bunch of millionaires accept statues made out of gold. You could probably hawk an Oscar and feed a whole third-world country.

The best part? Tomorrow we will all go back to our normal lives like nothing happened. Because, in our own sad, sorry little mediocre lives (at least, sad, sorry and mediocre compared to the fabulous lives of the rich and famous), nothing did happen.



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3 responses to “RE: living vicariously through the A-listers of the world

  1. I’ve never really cared about the Oscars before, not even when I was working in a movie magazine. But this year, a film I worked on (Transformers 3) was actually in contention for an Oscar – but I still didn’t watch the broadcast.

    That said, I was nevertheless incredibly disappointed when I read the Facebook updates about Trans 3 losing to Hugo.

    • Hugo won too many awards. I was also especially disappointed when Harry Potter didn’t win the one and only award it was up for. The biggest problem for me with these things is it’s basically only 10 movies or so that receive the recognition and everything else sort of becomes irrelevant. It also becomes annoying when the same 10 titles are winning over and over. Becomes boring after awhile. I enjoy watching because my boyfriend and I sit there and provide our own commentary, usually making fun of things people say or do (or wear), so it becomes sort of like a game. But a majority of people take these things too seriously, which I don’t understand, because it has nothing to do with us common folk!

  2. I loved your expression in the photo! So real! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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