Why Valentine’s Day is a pointless holiday

Valentine’s Day is stupid.

Out of all the silly holidays and pointless days of celebration we have in our society, this is probably the worst.

If you’re currently single and reading this, you are probably nodding your head in agreement and thanking whatever god you believe in that this isn’t another sappy love post about how Valentine’s Day is so great and I am so lucky to be with the love of my life (which I am, but that’s besides the point).

If you’re a fellow lovebird, you’re probably wondering why someone so head-over-heels in love is being so cynical on such a lovey-dovey holiday.

I like holidays and I like having a reason to get dressed up and feel especially giddy, but I don’t feel the need to participate in such a joke. First of all:

No one needs a reminder that they’re alone. If you don’t have a significant other to celebrate this cheesy holiday with, you certainly shouldn’t have to be reminded of just how lonely you are. Google suicide rates on Valentine’s Day and get back to me.

If you love someone, you shouldn’t need a holiday to express it. Love is love no matter what day of the year it is. I’m crazy about my boyfriend every day, I have been since the beginning. And that’s not me being overdramatic and annoying, it’s just the facts. I love my boyfriend, and I tell him frequently. I don’t love him and remind him of my feelings just because it’s Valentine’s Day and society tells me I should. Sure, I’d like to go out to dinner and have a nice night together just like the next girl, but I don’t need chocolates and jewelry and flowers today any more than I do on any other random day of the week- unless he’s proposing. Then it’s a completely different story.

There are no clear origins. Where did this silly holiday even come from? Sure, there was a Saint Valentine, but he had nothing to do with the holiday. It’s just a stupid excuse of a holiday that Hallmark created to sell greeting cards and chocolate.

I’m mostly turned off by how crazy people get over this holiday, both for and against it. It hardly ranks among even the lowest of the low (like Memorial Day and Flag Day), so it hardly seems deserving of such attention.


In reality, though, I’m just bitter because Hallmark insists on relocating any prospective employee to the Midwest (namely, Kansas). There go my dreams of designing greeting cards. Unless I can get my boyfriend to move to Kansas.



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6 responses to “Why Valentine’s Day is a pointless holiday

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! <- see how I used the H-word there?

    I hate the consumerism, and the fact that florists jack their prices up something like 500% during this time of the year. So I took the money I would've spent on flowers, and bought her favorite chocolates from the supermarket. Then we had a simple dinner, and I honestly feel that we had just as good an evening as those people with the $300 dinners and over-sized bouquets of flowers.

  2. You’re such a dude.

    I agree with you. I don’t think any holiday is necessary to be thankful for something, be kind, or to spend time with family. Do it because you want to not because everyone else is doing it on that one day.

    Worse than those who celebrate it are people who get upset when it doesn’t go their way. Too many women turn into monsters. I know I’ve dealt with that before.

    • Right?? I was a little bummed I couldn’t spend some quality time with my guy but more because I haven’t seen him in days and less because it was a stupid “holiday.” I’ve dated guys in the past who go TOO over the top with V-day (yes, a woman just admitted that!) and I’ve actually been more annoyed about that than about not doing anything. Hope you managed to escape the day unscathed!

  3. I am single and no matter how I tried my best to choose the optimal mindset for saving myself from feeling lonely for being single on Valentine’s by being happy for my couple friends and going to a rock concert with them, at the end of the day there was still that tinge of sadness.

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