What I would do if I won the lottery

It seems pretty unlikely that the common person would win the lottery. Most people joke about what they’d do if they won the lottery, believing they will never really win. But we’ve seen plenty of instances in which normal, everyday people win; after all, someone has to win the jackpot. I’ll never win the lottery because I don’t play. But maybe one day I will, and maybe it will be that one day that I’ll actually win. Highly unlikely, but let’s say I did. I’ve given some thought as to how I would spend the millions, and if I ever do win you can bet your ass I’ll be checking each thing of this list:

Buy my own country. And only let the uncool kids in.

Save all the animals in shelters. I’d buy a huge house- maybe even an old hotel or something- and turn it into my own animal shelter, one that doesn’t require the use of euthanasia to make room for new residents. And if no one ever adopted any of them, I’d just keep them all.

Buy my way into the government. And then take over and change all the things that are wrong with the system.

Buy a haunted castle. It’s my lifelong dream.

Feed the homeless for life. Or better yet, just find a solution to homelessness. Perfect.

Pay my family’s bills for life. I would do anything to make life easier for ma familia.

Pursue acting. Without financial worries, I would actually pursue my dream of making it in Hollywood. That way, if I don’t fall within the 5 percent margin of those who make it, I can come back home and go back to doing nothing. Er, or something like that.

Pay for the cure for cancer. They have one, they just won’t reveal it (Big Pharma cares more about their money than human life; it’s all part of my conspiracy theory).

Save the environment. Unfortunately money=power, but if you use it in a positive way, it becomes a good thing.

Stock up on an endless supply of Red Bull. It’s my crack.

Travel the world. And visit the places I haven’t seen yet (and maybe revisit some of the ones I already have- see: Egypt).

In all likelihood, I would probably just pay off my bills and save the rest of it, continuing to live the same lifestyle I do today. The problem with people and one-time inheritances is that they spend it all and are left with nothing (or less than nothing). I’d probably just put it in the bank and focus on my hobbies as a means of happiness instead of income. What would you spend it on?



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14 responses to “What I would do if I won the lottery

  1. Dancing Light

    There is not one thing that I would change on your list to make it my own! You rock kiddo….and I hope you win the lottery the very day you decide to play! Just make sure to post it so we can all raise a toast to you and the Cure for Cancer! : )

  2. I’d start a huge family. I always wanted a bunch of kids but with no money to speak of wouldn’t do that right now. Plus I would try to help the poor, mentally ill, handicap people, and the old people as much as possible.

  3. You are too cute. I would defnitely think like you except the haunted castle, horror and me don’t go. 🙂

  4. I hope I would give a large amount to charity and the haunted castle sounds great but my main goal would be travel.

  5. I honestly have no idea what I’d do with all that money. I’d probably buy a new TV, and then buy a castle to keep all those abandoned pets, with a dungeon to keep the people that abandon their pets.

    Hmm… guess I do have a fair idea after all!

  6. I would adopt a couple of babies. Having children has always been my dream, but my lack of a man and very little “excess” money has put that dream on hold. So that would be the first thing. Then once the paper work was completed I would island hop the Caribbean until I was matched with a baby! LOL…I love the Caribbean~

  7. Sally Wendt

    Very nice!… 🙂 Looking forward to more lottery info posts soon. Regards, Sally Wendt

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