Things I’ve revealed to my neighbors without realizing it (or intending to)

I may have learned various things about my neighbors by listening through the walls, staring out the windows at them out and about in the complex or just simply running into them (literally) in the hallway. But if I’ve been logging interesting tidbits about them, there’s no doubt they have, perhaps unconsciously or without wanting to, learned certain things about me the same way. Which makes me wonder what I’ve been up to around the apartment when I forget I’m not the only one in the building. Here’s what I’ve compiled:

I talk to myself a lot, usually in a British accent. Lots of people talk to themselves- although most people keep it to an internal conversation- but I’ve somehow managed to take it a step further and have customized it to become my own signature weirdness. But anyone who thinks it’s weird is just jealous of my impeccable British accent. Or is actually British.

I love to sing. I’m always singing in the house, as well as the hallways. With the acoustics in the stairwells, it wouldn’t surprise me if others can hear me.

I’m (somewhat) fashionable. I can sometimes be heard clomping around the hallways and parking lot in heels and boots. True, there are plenty of days I’d gladly choose flats or flip-flops over the high maintenance of dressier shoes, but overall I do have a sense of style.

I talk to my cat in a very high-pitched voice. Anyone within a hundred-foot radius of my front door would know this for sure; I consistently greet my cat with my signature “baby!” upon entering the house- and she’s always there waiting for me, so my door is usually still open when I screech my hello.

I also talk to my cat like she’s a person. I have friends and family over, but I’m usually home alone a lot. So to fill the void (and to give myself a break from having to listen to myself), I sometimes talk to my cat. As if she understands. And will answer. Usually she responds by continuing to snooze away or, if she’s awake, by licking her butt.

I recycle. I take my recycling out about once a week. Fortunately, there are receptacles by the dumpster, so I make a trip down there with my bins, walking through the parking lot for anyone to see.

I really like coupons. I will even dig through the newspaper recycling bin to snatch other people’s tossed goodies. Hey, if they don’t want them, why shouldn’t I have them?

I’m sure there are other things I’m oblivious to that I do when I forget others are nearby, but most of it is harmless. Let’s just hope there are no serious creepers with binoculars trying to see through the cracks in my curtains.



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14 responses to “Things I’ve revealed to my neighbors without realizing it (or intending to)

  1. Ha! I talk to myself in an English accent often as well! 🙂 I can’t imagine what people think when they overhear…

  2. lol…talking to myself in a brit-ish accent!! sooooo totally relate to that! good to know there are more nuts like me 😛 stay funny Julia!

  3. So, it’s you then.
    –the girl next to your door.

  4. My bff also talks to her cat likes it’s a person and she also squeals BABY to her everytime she comes home. It’s gotten to the point where I now do the same to her cat…lol…I miss living alone!

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  6. yes, but is it really unusual to talk to your cat??? I do it all the time! Sometimes she even talks back (although I rarely understand – unless it is – stop talking to me and feed me already!!!!)
    Have you met my Sammie? She is adorable!

    • Hah, that is usually what Felix is saying. She is always waiting by her bowl in the morning the second my alarm goes off! Sammie is awesome, I sure hope she’s a lot cooler than Felix! Felix is neurotic and can be very moody. But then again, what cat isn’t? 🙂

  7. Hi Julia,

    I thought I visit you again, since especially you are a faithful follower of my poetry work. This blog is wonderful and funny. I have gotten to a point where I miss being around a “happy person.” You certainly fall into the spirit of such a being. I would bet to all your neighbors in your building, you are considered a joy and an asset to the atmosphere of the building in general. Thanks so much for sharing your life, as well as your thoughts.

  8. P.S. My Mother’s name was Julia. Of course she did not have your beauty, nor your youth, as I remember her.

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