The perks of buying your own island

With its close proximity to other parts of the world, and the closeness of the islands to each other, the idea of owning your own piece of paradise could be just the ticket to a more laid-back lifestyle. It may cost a pretty penny, but buying your own island getaway has many perks that far outweigh the large price tag.

I'd buy that.

You can do whatever you want. I’m not exactly sure what rules apply as far as being controlled by any specific country or government- most islands for sale fall under one national jurisdiction or another. So you couldn’t go as far as committing criminal acts (though, if you killed someone, who would ever know?), but to some degree, you could get away with less-than-acceptable behavior, as so deemed by the PC rules set forth by society. For example, you could decide to live free and au natural, leaving the confines of clothing behind on the mainland. Either way, you’d be guaranteed secluded living, giving you the opportunity to do as you please on a day-to-day basis.

You have a guaranteed getaway when life gets overwhelming. Most people hit a snag in life when things start to build up too much and boil over. For most, the stress of life is something that has to be pushed to the side and ignored in hopes it will go away on its own. A vacation every now and then helps, but there’s usually stress or some hassle involved in planning and booking. Kind of like owning a second home in some remote part of the world- or simply the next state over- owning your own island gives you the leisure to come and go as you please.

It’s the ultimate bragging right. Who wouldn’t want to, during small talk with new acquaintances, casually rub in the fact that they own an island? No big deal.

It may sound completely ridiculous to own your own island. But if you have the funds, it’s almost silly not to; it’s only a credit-card-swipe away. And who knows, maybe you can even make it your permanent residence.



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14 responses to “The perks of buying your own island

  1. I would be afraid of priates. 😀 When they come aknocking — would I be able to get the help I need?

    I will be honest, I would love to have my own island – country, even. A whole new set of rules. Wait, I am ahead of myself. My apoglies. 🙂 Great post!

    • I agree- especially since pirates nowadays are nothing like the swashbuckling, sword-wielding, rum-drinking scoundrels of the past. These days, they all have speed boats and automatic weapons. You’ll just have to one-up them & buy machine guns 🙂

  2. Looks great. Aside from the isolation, lack of green space and all the sharks and tropical storms, I mean!

  3. Perks of buying my own island: Zombie Apocalypse Safety Zone.

    ’nuff said.

  4. nice thought! agreed, would love to have one!

  5. You may indeed survive a Zombie Apocalypse (unless, of course, the zombies had aqualungs). However, your little piece of paradise might be ousted by melting polar ice caps.

    Oh, wait – if everyone’s a zombie, then global warming might be reduced and the polar ice caps remain intact. So you’ll be a Zombie Apocalypse Survivor AND own an island. In fact, you could probably claim a lot more than that – like an entire continent.

    Now there’s some serious bragging rights.

  6. The best part would be being able to practice guitar in the middle of the night really loud without bothering the neighbors, now that would be the definition of freedom for me.

  7. would there be climate control? i would like 100 mph winds and driving rain or snow.

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