Why I believe holidays are pointless (and other cynical thoughts to bring you down this Christmas)

The biggest consumerist holiday is officially underway.  Every year we as a society lose sight of the true purpose of the holidays, giving in to the greed and hunger of material things, all-consumed by excess. We have this constant need to show off and compete, and meet unrealistic expectations that society creates for us. As someone who has worked in retail and dealt with it first-hand, it’s really quite disgusting. Our society is driven by the need to please, and we live from one holiday to the next. And all holidays have become are another reason to give and receive material gifts.

First of all, I’m in no way a supporter of the “fake” holidays, more specifically the famous “Hallmark holiday,” Valentine’s Day. If I’m single, why do I need a blunt reminder that I am alone? And if, like me, you’re not alone and you do have a significant other, you shouldn’t need a specific day out of the year to remind them you care. I even tried looking up the origin of St. Valentine and it wasn’t even just one guy. The holiday was fairly non-existent then and it’s completely non-existent now.

This is great when you're a kid (and still believe in Santa) but it seems a bit much as you get older.

And as for the other holidays, namely Christmas, people have lost the real reason why we celebrate them in the first place. And frankly, I don’t need the pressure of remembering every acquaintance I’ve ever known, trying to figure out what they’d want as a gift and then having to endure the resulting pressure of whether or not I succeeded in producing something thoughtful and remarkable. The only thing I enjoy about these times are the pretty rad candies they come out with (but you can dye them any color, Peeps will taste the same regardless..) It just makes me long for certain aspects of lesser-developed societies, ones in which relationships are determined by emotional and intellectual connections, not by a bank account. I’m not saying I’d give up luxuries such as running water and electricity, as I do enjoy a hot shower every now and again, but to be so happy and carefree when you have none of these other things getting in the way must surely be relieving. Despite the convenience and comforts of civilized society, I have to say I’m strongly considering a deserted island with just some tasty coconuts and edible sea life and maybe a pretty awesome volleyball I can call Wilson..



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6 responses to “Why I believe holidays are pointless (and other cynical thoughts to bring you down this Christmas)

  1. Great title! Very seasonal!

  2. You are not being cynical, you are being realistic…the stress we put ourselves under is mind-boggling. Great blog!

    • It truly is. Why we put ourselves through it is beyond me. I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t do presents or any of that anymore. It also seems silly when you get to a certain age. I am looking forward to having kids though, so it can be fun again! Thanks for reading!

      • I have little ones, and they make it absolutely worth it.

      • Oh, I bet. I can’t wait to have nieces and nephews and kids of my own to do all the fun celebrating with. Just think it becomes a little ridiculous when, with Christmas for example, adults are exchanging gifts. It isn’t the same. Have a great holiday!

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