What to do when your tropical vacation turns into a stormy mess

Be better prepared for the weather than I was here, freezing, being snowed on at the Louvre (yes, those are leggings. See: falling incredibly ill)

We’ve all had it happen. We go away on a much-anticipated vacation, and something goes horribly awry with the weather (I certainly wasn’t expecting a blizzard atop the Eiffel Tower during my late-February weekend in Paris). We prepare for a problem-free trip, and the minute we get there the conditions are frustratingly less-than-perfect. But don’t fear. There are plenty of alternative ways to enjoy your vacation without stepping foot out into the miserable monsoon raging outside. Here are a few of my favorites:

Learn how to play chess. It probably sounds really boring to those who’ve never given it a go, but it’s actually a very challenging and fun way to pass the time. Learning the game is quick and easy, but the real challenge is the strategy involved to win. Spend an afternoon honing your pawn-crushing skills and give your brain a little stimulation.

Read. Everyone always brings a book with them on vacation, especially to the islands. Nothing seems more relaxing than enjoying a good read under an umbrella in the sand, sipping on a tropical drink while the calm Caribbean Sea laps up against the shore. But more times than not, we never get around to actually reading on vacation. Usually we’re too busy partying or napping in the sun to care, but when the weather turns sour, curl up somewhere cozy- I prefer a secluded nook (hotels are full of them)- and get caught up in a good book.

Drink. The outdoor tiki bar might be flooded, but your resort is bound to have several indoor bars to help you pass the time. Hang out and socialize with the bartender, and get to know the other guests staying in the hotel. When you start to branch out and make new “vacation friends,” you usually find you have a lot in common, and that they’re a lot of fun. Especially if there’s no sign of ever making it outside again, expanding your social circle on vacation makes the time pass a lot quicker, and a lot better (if not a lot rowdier!).

Exercise. I’m not talking about a strenuous workout, one with a 45-minute treadmill run and 200 reps on each of the hotel gym’s machines. But getting your body moving a little bit will help keep the blood flowing and prevent you from feeling too sluggish- you’re already trapped inside, no point in making it any more uncomfortable. Find out if your resort has yoga classes; there are plenty of rejuvenating and restorative classes available that keep the body energized without breaking a huge sweat.

With a plethora of other options, there’s no reason why foul weather should spoil your well-deserved vacation. If you run out of ideas on your own, check in with the front desk, they always have a million and one suggestions on how to best enjoy your vacation.



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2 responses to “What to do when your tropical vacation turns into a stormy mess

  1. Excellent tips! What a resourcesful gal you are.

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