What to do when you miss your flight home

Despite how fabulous a vacation you may have just had, missing your return flight home can sometimes throw a monkey wrench into your plans (namely, getting back to work on time, making it home to feed the dog or just arriving back to the comfort of your own bed). But things go wrong, and when they do, keep these alternatives in mind.

Thankfully we never missed a flight when we were in Europe, but we always had a lot of time to kill waiting around in airports (see: entertaining ourselves in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport)

Camp out at the airport. This is the most logical option. For fear of losing the next seat that becomes available, many travelers will set up camp anywhere there’s space- usually taking over any available benches, floors and tables. Depending on how long you end up waiting for a new flight, this could prove to be rather uncomfortable- recall the U.S.’s 2010 blizzard that stranded many travelers, causing some to wait for days at the airport to get a flight out. But spending a few extra hours at the airport won’t kill you; in fact, it could prove to be fairly entertaining, as you can sit back and people-watch to pass the time (and people do the weirdest things in airports).

Get a room nearby. Whether in the airport hotel or one just down the road, this is probably the easiest- and most comfortable- way to remain close to the airport until a new flight becomes available. Especially if you’re traveling during a busy time of the year- see: Christmas- it can be especially difficult to book a last-minute flight if you miss your original one, and there’s never any guarantee as to how long you might have to wait around to find out. This way, you’re just a straight shot back to the airport if you get that call, and you don’t have to worry about creepy airport stalkers watching you while you nap in the airport’s Starbucks.

Extend your stay. My favorite option. If you missed your flight the first time, it’s obviously a sign that you’re truly not ready for the trip to end. An extended break from reality might seem unfeasible to some, but if it’s within your realm (or even if it’s not), consider tacking on a couple extra days of relaxation while the airlines work out all the flight details. Besides, there’s no better way of relieving the stress of missing a flight than extending a relaxing vacation.



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3 responses to “What to do when you miss your flight home

  1. The best place to miss your flights has gotta be Changi Airport.
    They have free internet access, free foot massage machine, Japanese garden, koi pond, etc. Just to name a few!

  2. Your camp-out looks like fun!

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