With the way our government’s headed, how hard could it be to start my own country?

I’m so sick of politics. It’s just a bunch of the same rubbish over and over, and no matter how many new politicians or new debates or new ways to spin an issue present themselves, it’s all the same lies. Sometimes I dream about how much better off we’d be without the government and all the tug-of-war that goes with it.

So I’ve come up with a solution.

I have a sense of humor & I can fit inside a backhoe claw- who wouldn't want this as their governing body?

I’d like to buy my own private island and start my own country. Anyone like to join? I know I have visions of grandeur, with hopes of a utopian society where none of the bullshit matters and everyone is able to live happy & stress-free lives, the way living was meant to be, and I know that sounds impossible. And you can sit there and debate me all you want, but if we had a society where everyone cooperated and worked together- heaven forbid anyone do anything for anyone else- it would be such an easier world.

But we’ll never have that. Because too many people- see: politicians- are too power-hungry, are too dead-set on being at the top of the totem pole, looking down upon everyone else and dictating how we should live our lives. As long as you’re not causing physical harm to others, or threatening their state of well-being, whose right is it to determine how anyone else should live? If you’re a guy and you want to marry a guy, how is it anyone’s business or right  to say no, that’s not normal, that’s not right, therefore you can’t do it, you can’t have happiness. If a woman finds herself pregnant, for whatever reason, and she determines the livelihood of not only herself, but of her unborn child, would be better off if the pregnancy was aborted, how is it anyone’s business but the woman’s whether that is the right choice or not?

Sure, I follow politics as much as the next guy. I don’t follow every debate or fall asleep to CSPAN, but I’ve got a fairly good idea about what is being talked about and what the biggest issues are for the next election. But I’m so sick of the bullshit. If I wanted to listen to garbage over and over, I’d just go hang out at the local dump (it would actually be a more productive use of my time than listening to the crap on TV). Elections should be less about telling me what you’re going to do and more about showing me. You have enough campaign money to prove to me you are truly in it for the good of the people, and not just your own ego boost, so why can’t that be a stipulation?

Part of me wants to stop caring about it so much. Because it’s never going to change. Part of me just wants to pick the lesser of the evils and call it a day. And part of me wants to throw my shoe through the TV anytime Michelle or Barack comes on in one of their many (fake) ads supporting the next big cause. But more than anything I just want to find a way to make any sort of difference. I won’t go out onto the streets with the Occupy Wall Street protestors (I have a job and a life, thank you), because how is it helping? Who is doing anything within the government or corporate world to make any amends? No one, that’s who. And it’s not going to start changing anytime soon.

I’m going to be in politics one day. Maybe I won’t run for president, maybe I’ll stay on a local or state level- although I’d probably kick ass as Mrs. President (because, let’s face it, that’s what they’d have to call me)- but no matter where I end up, I’m going to actually take the five minutes and listen. Listen to the people. Listen to what the real issues are. And not only listen and pretend I’m going to help. I’m going to actually do something about it.

You just wait. It’s going to be a shit-storm when I hit the White House.


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