6 things to do in the Caribbean

When you finally arrive at your Caribbean destination, you might feel overwhelmed by all there is to do and see. But there are just some things that are better done in the Caribbean, and if you’re looking for fun and adventure, while still enjoying the beauty of the islands, pencil these six exploits into your mental planner.

One of my first dives with my dad.

Snorkel/Scuba diving. The ocean is the most intriguing place on the planet. The place we know the least about, the place that has the most diverse assortment of living creatures. Get a glimpse of some of the Caribbean’s beautiful reefs, and the sea life that live there. Bob at the surface and watch the fish swimming below you. Or, if you’re scuba certified, dive deeper and see what creatures hide at depth. Either way, brilliant colors and exotic sea life awaits you.

Jet Skiing. Anyone with a need for speed will have already found a rental place and booked a day before you can even say ‘jet ski.’ But for those more timid, less thrill-seeking people who fear crashing or, worse, being flung from the watercraft, renting a Jet Ski might not fall high on the priority list. But Jet Skis aren’t just for the adventurous. With their safety precautions and ability to putter along, a slow, relaxing ride can be enjoyed by all. It’s a great way to see what lies just beyond a jetty or to explore what might be just past the reach of swimming depths.

Horseback riding on the beach. Horseback riding might not be your thing. You might be too uncoordinated or too scared of falling off or just unable to swing your leg high enough over to get situated in the saddle. But when it comes to riding on the beach, none of these things matter. The horses you see on ads, galloping down the beach, splashing their way through the water, are not the kind you actually ride. Horses trained for tourism are typically older, or at the very least a lot calmer than most horses. They’ve become so used to people that they are simply unconcerned with anything that might be happening around them. They are slow and gentle, and with your guide always at your side, horseback riding on the beach is something anyone, any age, can enjoy. Go at sunset, and enjoy a beautiful ride down the pristine beaches of the Caribbean.

Taking an excursion. It could be four-wheeling up the side of a volcano. Or hiking through the rainforest. Or visiting a local sugar cane field to see how sucrose is made. No matter what you choose, get out and about on the island you’re visiting and have some fun outside the walls of your resort.

Though I'd been parasailing a million times, this was my first time with my cousin. What a blast!

Parasailing. Floating high above the sparkling ocean, parasailing gives you a bird’s-eye view of some of the island’s landscape you might not normally get to see. Though the boat moves at a high speed, you’ll feel like you’re sitting still, dangling high in the same spot, without fear of falling. It may seem very scary to some, but it’s really very calm and peaceful. If you go up alone- they offer tandem rides as well- it’s a great place to clear your mind and just enjoy the beauty around you. Or, rather, below you.

Learning the local culture. What better place to learn about another country and its citizens than in that country? There is a big emphasis on culture and heritage in the Caribbean, and its people are friendly and excited to share it with visitors. Find a local festival or go on a heritage tour. You will be surprised at how much you will learn and how much fun you’ll have along the way.


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Just back from Jamaica – seems everything is great in the Caribbean! (Last year I did the horse riding thing – my horse was definitely in the groupo relaxo mode! All good as I was in total relaxo mood too!!!)
    Did a quick post if you are heading Jamaica way – http://www.traveldestinationbucketlist.com/2011/09/07/live-the-photo-horse-riding-in-montego-bay-jamaica/

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