Amazing rescue proves selflessness still exists

When bystanders in Logan, Utah, rescued Brandon Wright from a burning car, they put his life before theirs.

The 21-year-old, who’s motorcycle had collided with a BMW Monday around noon, was trapped underneath the burning car with no hopes of surviving. That is, until a dozen or so onlookers rushed to his aid, lifting the car off of him and pulling him from his fiery grave.

Newscasters and the general public alike continue to be shocked at this act of humanity, and quite frankly, I am too. In the world we live in today, it’s often easy to forget that there is still some decency left in people, and that not everyone has ulterior motives. Some people are just genuinely good-hearted. If faced with the situation, I don’t think I would give a moment’s hesitation, I would just get right in there. What would you do?


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One response to “Amazing rescue proves selflessness still exists

  1. Laura

    An excellent reminder of selflessness in mankind. Kudos!

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