The mindoverMadness Poetry Series: Marco Polo Wolf

Among my collection of  raving thoughts and news-worthy interests, I’ve decided to interlace some of my more creative, more beloved written work. As I’m currently fostering an undying love for all things fables, it seemed only appropriate that the mindoverMadness Poetry Series should commence with something from this collection. Enjoy!

Marco Polo Wolf

You live in shadow,

seek me out with hunger-eyes.

I cannot hide from you with

Brightness, my tempting blood.

I could run from you but



Colors won’t trick a clever nose

Little Red.

You smell sweet, trump

Dinner at Granny’s.

Lick lips made to taste you,

drink you

in, Devour.

Steal the red from your cloak,

Put it fast to my tongue, my teeth,

Drip with your blood.


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