Though social security remains heated, republican candidates agree on one thing

Social Security seems to be the most heated debate these days.

And rightfully so.

Social Security and Medicare seemed to be working just fine until Obama came along and messed with it. And now he’s talking about further reducing the Social Security taxes. Will we ever be able to rectify the mess Obama has made of these programs? Michelle Bachmann makes a good point, addressing Obama’s selfish move of stealing over $500 billion from Medicare to put it towards Obamacare. Can I just add that how dare Obama steal from Medicare to switch to Obamacare? Can a president get more egotistical than that? Who names a program after themselves like that? Maybe if Obama had spent more time actually paying attention to this country’s needs instead of being a pompous, arrogant buffoon, we wouldn’t be in this mess and we wouldn’t be having this debate.

Bachmann said we have to realize the system isn’t working anymore, that we can’t continue to pay to support those on Social Security, especially when there is now no guarantee that the same service will be available to us when we need it. Although, I’m not sure the “every man for himself” model is going to work, either. Yes, it isn’t fair that our taxes pay for seniors’ care and provide people who are unemployed or on welfare financial assistance, especially because, in the case of welfare, this often encourages some to milk the system. But if we left these people high and dry, with no feasible way to support themselves, how is that being a united country? By the way, if there were more jobs in this country people wouldn’t be unemployed, and we wouldn’t need such taxes. Ever think of that? Obama was supposed to bring jobs back to this country.

Knew that wouldn’t happen.

As for some of the others, it seems hit or miss with what they say and what I believe. The thing I don’t like about Mitt Romney is he seems to think he knows everything. He seems to favor disregarding anything anyone else has to say, and I just get a general sense of suspicion when I think about him or even look at him. Romney needs to shut his mouth for five seconds and let someone else get a word in edgewise. Don’t hound Rick Perry about statements he might have made in his book and then interrupt him when it’s his turn to respond. Stop saying everything everyone else says is frightening; you’re frightening.

But you are right about one thing, Romney (unfortunately. I really hate to agree with anything that man says, but sometimes he has a good point. sometimes). It’s true, “people are tired of spending money we don’t have on programs we don’t want.” Can you walk up to Obama and tell him that please? I hope he’s watching right now.

Unfortunately for the general public, we have to put up with these stuffy politicians (although we did vote Obama into office. Not a whole lot we can do about that fact). Why are politicians so annoying? I’m almost rooting for this Herman Cain guy just because he isn’t a politician. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and doesn’t seem too full of himself. And he’s right, “get the government out of the way [and] American entrepreneurship, American businesses will create the jobs if we provide some certainty.”

I have to point out I also like how he pronounces “crisis” and “Chile,” with the stress on the end of the word instead of the beginning. I know it’s incorrect pronunciation, and usually that would set me off, but somehow he makes it sound fairly sophisticated and chic. Maybe a non-politician is just what we need.

Although I do have a small crush on Ron Paul. He really seems to have his head in the right place, and he’s the only one I’ve seen be diplomatic and understanding of everyone else’s standpoints. I wish he was my grandfather, I think he’d be really cool to play chess with and have tell me cool stories from ‘back in the day.’ Because for me, back in the day was the nineties. Not really what I was going for.

The hardest thing for me to accept about politicians, though, is that everything that comes out of their mouths means nothing until it’s put into practice. Which, until we vote them into office and give them a chance to follow through on their promises, we have no idea if they are just blowing smoke or not. So it’s really a crapshoot for anyone stepping into the voting booths. But as of right now, I’m leaning toward Cain and Paul.

The most complicated part is sifting through all the points of view and deciding which candidate overall has the best standpoint. They are all so different it’s sometimes hard to pick one and stick with them.

But at least they all seem to agree on one thing: Obama has to go.


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One response to “Though social security remains heated, republican candidates agree on one thing

  1. Laura

    Like your take on this matter. Where politicians are concerned, or any human being for that matter…You are what you do, not what you say.

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