It’s time to do what’s right

I do not like President Obama.

And it’s not just because he spends our hard-earned tax dollars allowing Michelle to jet-set to Spain with 40 of her closest friends (really, Michelle? I think I can name 5 friends I have, yet you want me to believe you have that many “true” friends? this isn’t a Facebook face-off, give it up).

And it isn’t the fact that, nineteen months after winning the 2008 election, Obama continued spending (again) our tax dollars to campaign across the country, flitting from town halls to college campuses and everywhere in between (would someone please tell him he won already? he’s the president, wake up and smell the roses).

And it isn’t even the distractingly annoying way he speaks (does anyone else notice that? I can never take that man seriously despite what he might be talking about because he always delivers his ideas and proposals with such a condescending tone that I just want to come through the television and slap him. But I won’t). But it’s not even any of these aggravating attributes that makes my blood boil when I hear his name.

It’s his lack of follow-through.

With his newest and boldest move yet, Obama proposes to stimulate the economy with his jobs bill, promising new jobs and fairer taxes.

But what the NY Times and others fail to mention among the positive hub-bub is the most important aspect of the proposed bill: to slash the payroll tax for Social Security. How will that solve anything? Please, tell me. Social Security has been around for how long? Oh yeah, 75+ years. Which means the taxes we’ve been used to paying toward it have been around that long, too. So yes, Obama, “the plan is the right thing to do right now,” but where does that leave us in the long run? Surely you wouldn’t be affected by the lack of Social Security when it comes time for you to retire (which will hopefully be after the 2012 election). But others like myself, who are going to need to fall back on Social Security upon retirement, are ultimately screwed out of it if the bill passes. You want to bring it from 4.2 percent to 3.1? When it already came down from 6.2? Why not just eliminate the pension program altogether and save us all the agony of having to pay those taxes?

Stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy. The words came out of your mouth, Obama. Can you finally live up to the empty words and hollow promises you’ve so easily fed the hungry public? We shall see. But I’m not holding my breath.

Unfortunately, despite my natural inclination toward animosity and skepticism, I have to give the guy some credit; if he actually pulls it off, gets Congress to agree and has some follow-through for once, it could really mean great things for this economy. I so want him to prove me wrong, really, I do. But after what we’ve seen from him in the past, I’m not applauding yet. And if, in 40+ years when I retire, Social Security is no longer available, you better believe he’s the first one I’m coming after.


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One response to “It’s time to do what’s right

  1. Laura

    I take it you are not fond of our president? I do however share the same opinion with you!

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