Raging hormones = raging wildfires?

With all the madness happening with the Texas wildfires, it’s hard to imagine anyone would purposely contribute.

But according to the most recent on Daily News and others, four teens are suspected of starting one of the dozens of blazes that are raging throughout the Lone Star State.

Although there is reason to suspect foul play, the accusations come with little concrete evidence (the four were seen running through a wooded area where the fire started, hardly solid enough to be indicative of destructive intentions). Yes, the circumstances are not in the teens’ favor, but you’re going to need to give me more than just four kids running away from a burning forest- uh, yeah they’re going to be running, I’d be running too if I was in a forest that was on fire. 

I’m usually a fairly skeptical person (especially these days, and with a government like we have? forget about it, I’ll never trust another person again), but sometimes you need more to go on than just a sketchy feeling, especially in the world of professional news-reporting. #epicfail guys. Get back to me when you have something substantial to share with the world.


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