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Living vicariously through the A-listers of the world

As the 83rd Annual Academy Awards get underway, I can’t help but finding myself wishing it were a costume party instead of a snobbish black tie event. Perhaps then I would be more entertained. True, award shows such as these are meant to be prestigious events recognizing the talent and personal achievement within the entertainment industry, but they really only affect those immediately involved. Us ‘common-folk’, those who pay to go out and see the movies and financially support the careers of all these A-listers, we who camp out overnight to get a good spot behind the red carpet barricades, have no personal connection to these expensive displays of appreciation. The shows serve their immediate purpose, as another outlet of entertainment to be absorbed and obsessed over by anyone not actually involved, but especially in terms of shows such as the Oscars, in which winners are determined by the Academy and not the fans, there seems to be no practical reason for nationally broadcasting such an event. I’d rather be watching the movie you starred in then watching you flub up your acceptance speech.

Now don’t get me wrong. Most of these people are extremely talented people who have dedicated their lives to their careers. They deserve recognition and praise. But in light of the world events that have been happening over the last several months, it’s hard to justify such outrageous shows of vanity. Does no one remember what it is to be humble and to do without? They no longer live in the real world, so I suppose they shouldn’t have to live by the same rules anymore.

Does anyone agree here? Or am I just being my typical cynical self?


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